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Differences between behavioral and traditional interview

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Relative to hiring new employees, what is "behavioral interviewing" and how is it different from a traditional interview? Please list references.

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This 447-word solution provides step-by-step instructions with examples of how to write an essay that responds to the question about the differences between a behavioral interview and a traditional interview. The solution includes a sample outline and instructions on how to write the introduction, body and summary paragraphs along with links to websites that will support completion of the assignment.

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The question is asking you to compare and contrast a behavioral interview and a traditional interview. A good way to start answering a question like this is by defining each term separately. Your introductory paragraph should state what a behavioral interview is and can conclude with what a traditional interview is. Be as detailed as required, using information from several different sources to make sure you have a broad enough perspective.

After your introductory paragraph, your next paragraph could respond to either of the two following questions:

"How do behavioral interviews and traditional interviews differ?"

Or "How are behavioral interviews and traditional interviews the same?"

To elaborate on your ...

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