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Adult Education

The evolving role of government in education is assessed.

This solution describes the evolving role of state and federal government in U.S. education. What are some specific cases and laws that have evolved or have had an impact on U.S. education? Discuss the analysis of the church and state debate in public schools. The role of our state and federal government in U.S. educ

Human learning

What are some general thoughts on how humans learn? What are some of the reasons why adults might want to participate in general education?

What is DAP?

DAP was introduced in 1986 in response to concerns over the curriculum ''pushed down'' preschool and the early grades. To what extend do you think this remains the state of affairs in the United States today? give examples to support your ideas.

Top 10 Pre-K Questions

Using the Top Ten Questions fro NIEER, determine if the answers to all 10 questions are available on the web site. List information found to all 10 questions. Basing your opinion on this information would you send your own child to the Pre-K program you chose to research? Why or Why not?

Evaluating children's develpment

Please discuss or explain how standardized tests and alternative assessments such as play-based assessment or arena assessment are used to identify children with special needs. Did research play a role in developing either theory? Are there advantages/disadvantages?

Early identfication and intervention

In supporting the developmental needs of infants and young children, please help me with identifying intervention procedures that are currently in place.

Adult learning assesment design

I am seeking guidance on how to write an adult learner assessment that measures at least three learning outcomes for an online IT course with a student base of adults in the IT field who are seeking formal education to augment their work experience. How would I link assessment items to learning objectives, and skills being taugh

Institutions that have changed over the years

I need some help and suggestions to Identify a specific educational or healthcare institution, and ideas about describing (with examples and evidence) how such an organization has changed over the years.

The Learning Setting Glossary

I am pretending to be an employee trainer in an educational organization, I need to submit a 1 page glossary handout that defines the specific learning/training setting and all evaluation terms that can be shared with employees in training. cite all sources where definitions come from. APA style is not necessary

What level of involvement and control should the federal government have in education? Is federal oversight helping or hindering already struggling school districts across the nation? How much involvement should be placed at the state level?

This posting discusses what level of involvement and control the federal government should have in education, as well as what the level of control should be placed with the state government. It is easy to point to national test scores to "grade" educators, however there are too many variables over which educators have no cont

Transitional Plan

What is a transitional plan? What are the requirements for developing a transitonal plan?

Educational research

I work with adult early care professionals,what could be done to improve the use of educational research in this or similiar positions, as I am not aware of any? Would it difficult to share and apply educational research findings in this setting?

Highly Qualified Teacher Mandate

I am doing a presentation on the "Highly Qualified Teacher Mandate" Define the Mandate Is it a federal, state, or local ordered mandate? Who supports it?

Module/training plan presentation for adult learners

1. What are two ways to vary an instructional module/training plan presentation for adult learners and justify your choices? At least two references are needed, and please provide in text and reference at the bottom in about 250-300 words. Thank you! Your help is greatly needed!

What purpose do Learning Teams serve as adult learners?

What purpose do Learning Teams serve as adult learners? What will team work look like in Human Services? How will practice in team work impact work in the Human Services field? What is the importance of informed consent and confidentiality in human services?

Technology and Education

How does technology support and facilitate instruction, and the challenges presented bt technology to adult learners.

Skills and abilities in classes are discussed.

Why is it important to match tasks to the ability level of the group? "One size fits all"; is it appropriate? Why or why not Why is creating a psychologically safe classroom one of the most important factors for adult learners? Should the learning environment be safe or challenging, or both? Explain your answer.