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The Highly Qualified Teacher's Mandate.

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I am doing a presentation on the "Highly Qualified Teacher Mandate"

Define the Mandate
Is it a federal, state, or local ordered mandate?
Who supports it?

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A good place to start is with the article attached. This article shows the basics of what is behind the mandate itself. Basically, it states that a highly qualified teacher for both elementary and middle school means The term "highly qualified" -- when used with respect to any public elementary school or secondary school teacher teaching in a state -- means that ''the teacher has obtained full state certification as a teacher (including certification obtained through alternative routes to certification) or passed the state teacher licensing examination, and holds a license to teach in such state, except that when used with respect to any teacher teaching in a public charter school, the term means that the teacher meets the requirements set forth in the state's public charter school law; and (ii) the teacher has not had certification or licensure requirements waived on an emergency, temporary, or provisional basis." You will also find in this article that Wisconsin has different ideas about what highly qualified means (this is an article from Wisconsin). However, the mandate is a federal one so there is an umbrella to which each state must fall under. This mandate simply defines what the NCLB Act requires of all teachers to improve students level of education. In order to better define the mandate you may want to begin with the NCLB Act.

If you have not checked out the government's website for the NCLB, that is a great place to get information on this topic the website is ...

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What is the mandate, who supports it and who is in control of it's components are all covered within this posting.

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No Child Left Behind (NCLB) has been impacting classroom teaching for many years. There have been positive and negative consequences of this mandate. No Child Left Behind defines a highly qualified teacher as someone who has met the following three criteria: (1) attaining a bachelor's degree or higher in the subject taught; (2) obtaining a full state teacher certification; and (3) demonstrating knowledge in the subjects taught.

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