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    Adult Education

    Trends in Adult Learning

    Name some trends that may be anticipate in adult learning based on the statistics of increased life expectancy?

    benefits of nontraditional education

    This solution poses the question, "Is there truth and or statistics that support the following question: "I am not sure that 18 year olds value education in the same way that 35 year old students do."

    Problem with research project

    Hello, I'm doing research on "father's involvement and children's education". In my research request form I mentioned "Fathers' involvement will be identified by the data outcomes of father-child interactions and children's academic success will be identified by the data outcomes of children's academic achievement including thei

    Learning Contracts

    What is the relevance of individual learning contracts to the education of adult professionals?

    How does andragogy differ from pedagogy?

    What is Andragogy? Discuss the main proponent e.g. Knowles, the theoretical assumptions of adult learning, characteristics of adult learners, etc. Can you also provide an article for starters? thank you.