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    benefits of nontraditional education

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    This solution poses the question, "Is there truth and or statistics that support the following question:
    "I am not sure that 18 year olds value education in the same way that 35 year old students do."

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    Although this question largely depends upon your own opinions and experiences, I offer my own ideas infused with some research to provide some sample ideas for you:

    Even though it is difficult to generalize, I maintain that there is some truth to support the notion that many 18 year olds do not value education in the same way that 35 year old students do for various reasons. First, older students tend to have more financial, familial, and social investments in education. Since older students typically embody more life experiences, they often have more intrinsic and extrinsic motivation and drive to ...

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    This solution compares and contrasts adult learning versus right after high school college entry.