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    Adult Education

    Adult education, Down sizing correlation, explanation

    Can you please help with the following: Do you agree that downsizing has played a major role is the emergence of adult education? Do companies have a "right" to let older employees go if they lack certain skill sets?

    Technology and Education

    How does technology support and facilitate instruction, and the challenges presented bt technology to adult learners.

    Skills and abilities in classes are discussed.

    Why is it important to match tasks to the ability level of the group? "One size fits all"; is it appropriate? Why or why not Why is creating a psychologically safe classroom one of the most important factors for adult learners? Should the learning environment be safe or challenging, or both? Explain your answer.

    Short answer question

    What is the federal government's role, if any, in providing equitable access to adult education and training programs? Provide support for your position.

    Adult Education Internet Sources

    How can federal, state,and local policymakers work together to meet adult education and training demands? The response is briefly based on a combination of readings, personal readings/knowledge, and experience.

    Adult education

    How can adult educators effectively meet the various needs of baby boomers, learners from diverse cultures, and millennial learners in the same classroom or course?

    Adult education and training

    What type of adult educational and training opportunities will be needed to meet the demands of the retiring baby boomer population?

    Effective adult educator

    Can you please help with the following: What attributes are indicative of an effective adult educator or trainer? Which of these attributes do you think most educators exhibit and which do think they need to work on?

    Interview with an adult educator corporate trainer

    Interview with an adult educator corporate trainer: Synthesizes your findings. Include the following components in your synthesis: a. Background, experience, and training for the position b. Andragogical techniques he/she employs c. Traditional and/or non-traditional instructional models used d. Characteris

    Assessment strategy least comfortable with in early childhood education

    Choose one assessment strategy you are least comfortable with. Thinking of your own interaction with the strategy, describe what makes it something you feel would enhance your program but you are less likely to choose it. Choose only one strategy. Choices are: authentic assessment, developmentally appropriate assessment, form

    Adult Learning

    What are two ways to vary an instructional module/training plan presentation for adult learners? Justify your choices. (at least 200 words please).

    Changes in education

    Identify the changes that will (may) occur in education and training within the next five (or 10) years. What are the implications of these changes for adult learning?

    Adult Learning

    How do FERPA and ADA mandates impact adult education and training? Situations that clearly illustrates pedagogy and andragogy. Name several barriers that can affect the adult learning process?

    Adult Education and Workforce Experience

    Please help with the following problem. Provide at least 200 words. What are the implications of a less experienced workforce on business and the economy? How can adult education and training address these implications?

    City Parents Boycotting Added Tests at 2 Schools - New York Times

    Please look at the following article(link below) and answer the review questions. http://www.nytimes.com/2008/01/23/nyregion/23boycott.html?pagewanted=all City Parents Boycotting Added Tests at 2 Schools - New York Times 1. What background information is given, if any? 2. What is the problem statement? 3. Does the w

    Knowles Theory

    How does the increasing focus on outcomes in education may or may not be dealt with by Knowles theory? Do outcomes demand more on the part of instructors/teachers?

    This posting addresses the adult learning continuum.

    This question is considered: The various adult learning theorists bring a variety of perspectives and ideas about how adults learn and the best methods to help them learn. Compare the theorists, from classical to contemporary, on a spectrum that shows how they are different. Plot the theorists on a spectrum of instructor cent

    Malcolm Knowles

    Explain how Knowles is relevant to the practice of university management education. What is missing from his theory? (250 words)