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    Adult learning: FERPA, pedagogy, barriers

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    How do FERPA and ADA mandates impact adult education and training?

    Situations that clearly illustrates pedagogy and andragogy.

    Name several barriers that can affect the adult learning process?

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    The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act mandates that certain parts of personal information are not released to anyone without the student's consent. In addition, students have the right to review and correct their records upon request. In addition, a student can request non-disclosure from certain types of "directory information" which would otherwise be released without request. This act was passed in 1974. Violations of FERPA include volunteers grading student work, school employees giving information about grades or behaviors to anyone not authorized to receive it, work publicly posted. FERPA also affects how states transmit data to other agencies. It also allows students to view recommendations submitted on their behalf as they apply to higher educational institutions. One note that specifically applies to adult education - FERPA excludes treatment records of students in higher education.

    FERPA has the same effects on adult education as it does on any step in the education system. Teachers of adult learners need to be careful that they are not releasing information that is protected by law - even if they think that the person requesting the information has the right to know (such as a spouse). Student information is protected by law, even from other family members, and teachers need to do what they can to maintain their students privacy. Adult learners are more likely to request to review their records than children, so those who work with ...

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    This discusses the effects of FERPA and ADA on adult learning, illustrates the difference between pedagogy and andragogy, and gives barriers to adult learning.