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    Article Review Regarding Field Testing in New York Schools

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    Please look at the following article(link below) and answer the review questions.


    City Parents Boycotting Added Tests at 2 Schools - New York Times

    1. What background information is given, if any?
    2. What is the problem statement?
    3. Does the writer state objectives and/or a hypothesis?
    4. Was the problem documented? How?
    5. What is your opinion of the literature review? Is it comprehensive?
    6. Discuss the methods section. What design was used?
    7. How many subjects were involved in the study? What were their characteristics? Describe the target population.
    8. Describe the treatment and implementation process.
    9. What was the basic timeline?
    10. What method of analysis was used? How were the results reported?
    11. After reviewing the conclusion, did you note any obvious limitations?
    12. Can you suggest an alternative treatment for solving this problem?

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    The background information given in the article is that the New York City public school students were taking English and Math tests for many years. Apart from them, during the current year 2008, 10 diagnostic tests have been added to the already existing tests hoping to improve results .

    The problem statement is: "New York City parents orgainze a boycott of field tests to be given at 2 schools".

    The literature reveals that the main objective of the testing company is to administer field tests with the intention of developing accurate diagnostic and standardized tests to be used in future. But, the main objective of the parents is to boycott the same.

    Yes, the problem statement was documented in front of City Hall by a news conference sponsored by "Time Out From Testing", an anti-testing group. Apart from this, the literature reveals that the problem was further documented by circulating a petition for a boycott of the field tests and signing a petition or written letters to ...

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    The article review deals with the opinion of people against the field tests in two schools of New York city.