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Public Education: New York

Identify and discuss a current constitutional issue that affects public education in New York

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Defining Constitutional Issues

A constitutional issue is a constitutional question. It happens when an issue or conflict arises wherein the constitution must be interpreted rather than a statute of said the constitution to achieve a resolution. There are varied theories that lawyers, judges, legislators and people in the criminal justice system use to interpret the constitution. The most prominent however are the originalist (based on the presumed meaning the original legislators of the law intended) and pragmatist (based on notion that society changes and law must be applicable to the social reality since the original framers of the Constitution would not want their specific intentions to limit the law).

NY State Constitution

The State of NY's constitution is an adapted yet ...

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The solution provides a thourough discussion of the Public Education System currently applied in New York with a focus on the urban public education system as a constitutional issue where the State has failed to deliver the legislated Article X1 or Education Article, arguing the meaning and application of 'free education' and 'all children of the state' in accordance with the delivered programs in NY public education. References are provided. The solution is in the form of an essay following the APA format. Word version is attached for easy printing.