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    Grouping adult learners for a safe learning environment

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    Why is it important to match tasks to the ability level of the group? "One size fits all"; is it appropriate? Why or why not

    Why is creating a psychologically safe classroom one of the most important factors for adult learners? Should the learning environment be safe or challenging, or both? Explain your answer.

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    It depends a lot on the content or task for student grouping. It can be a disaster to have students together for working on a project, where their personalities clash or they simply cannot get along. Sometimes the mere point of a grouping is to help students get the experience of working together, even if the others are not their best friend(s). However, it should be a entire group effort to consciencly decide, as a group, all or none. The issue that is mutually decided upon should NOT exclude any person. If ...

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    It is a good idea to group adults together in a way that is safe for them to answer and provoke a learning environment that will be the catalyst for the best learning.