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    Early years educational research

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    I work with adult early care professionals,what could be done to improve the use of educational research in this or similiar positions, as I am not aware of any? Would it difficult to share and apply educational research findings in this setting?

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    There are two focuses of educational research that would be of interest to adults who work with young children: research dealing with the child and research dealing with the adults who work with the child. Research topics which apply to the child are many and varied, and include such things as child development issues, especially among the children with special circumstances who are more difficult to deal with on a daily basis. This can be children who are born with special needs (how DOES that happen, exactly, anyway?) or children who develop special needs due to some environmental deficit (abuse, malnutrition, neglect, accident, disease, and a host of other causes). Then there is the research regarding how children learn, and what methods are best to help them acquire knowledge at the early stages. There are some programs that purport to teach very young children to read. Knowing how much of a huge advantage my own love of reading was to me in academia, I worked very hard to instill that love of reading in my own two children, who have also been ...

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    Discussion of research issues for early years education including possible researech topics dealing with the students, parents and the adults who work with the students. Some discussion is also included regarding why research does not drive early years education the way it does education of the older children.