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5 Best Practice Suggestions: Descriptions and Applications

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I need help with five best practice suggestions including description, its rationale, and application. Research best practices for adult instruction/training (engagement/discussion techniques, utilization of technology, etc.).

***Please answer in own words and please provide at least two references are needed. And please provide in text and reference at the bottom, in own words.

Thank you your help is greatly needed!

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I have found a few articles and ideas that may help with this paper. On more than one occasion I have found articles ...

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5 best practice suggestions with rationale, descriptions and applications for adult education/training. Included are references.

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Best Practices Manual for Supervisors

Compile the following sections of a best practices manual for new supervisors. Your overall contributions to the manual should cite a minimum of three sources.

The six supervisory responsibilities to which you will contribute best practices are as follows:

1. Demonstrating Communication Skills
2. Determining Effective Orientation and Training Methods
3. Improving Productivity for Teams
4. Conducting Performance Appraisals
5. Resolving Conflict
6. Improving Employee Relations

* Follow APA formatting guidelines for this paper.

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