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Kudler Growth Strategy Ideas

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Evaluate alternatives that a high-end grocery store would need to consider for a growth strategy.

1. Give ideas for a website creation

2. Give ideas for infrastructure management improvements

Note- This is based off the Kudler Fine Foods scenario.

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1. Give ideas for a website creation.

The success or failure of an organization is determined by many factors. One is the strength of management and another one is the response of management to competition. There is a need to have a strategic plan that can be carried out by leaders that shows strong management skills. The use of technology and the Internet have greatly contributed to the growth of many organizations. It has also helped sustain competitive advantage. Also, it greatly affects the way management handles the organization.

Kudler Fine Foods is a gourmet food shop, founded and owned by Kathy Kudler. It started as a one-stop shop which offers the freshest foods and tools that can be used to prepare the meals. It has different departments: fresh produce, fresh meat and seafood, fresh bakery and pastries, specialty dairy products and condiments and packaged foods. It has three locations in California. Its objective is to offer the highest quality products at prices that are competitive yet be able to maximize profits. As a way to boost profits and increase growth, they need to increase customers or improve their market by catering to customers beyond their local areas. A website can greatly help Kudler achieve this goal. The following are some suggestions or ideas to follow for Kudler Fine Foods website:

? An online ordering system that will allow the customers to access the system so that they can place their order and the customers can pick it up from the store. The system can also add convenience for the local delivery service as the local customers can place their order online, select a timeframe so that at a definite time, their orders will be delivered to their home or office. Through the online ordering system, Kudler can also serve worldwide customers. They can order through the website, and Kudler can use shipping companies like DHL, Federal Express so that the orders can be shipped next day to the customers from the different parts of the world.
? The website needs to stick to a professional design such as a professional joomla web design. It creates a feeling that the visitor is the king. Online applications installed must be user-friendly. Information about the store's products and services should be accessible and delivered in a ...

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