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    Institutions that have changed over the years

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    I need some help and suggestions to Identify a specific educational or healthcare institution, and ideas about describing (with examples and evidence) how such an organization has changed over the years.

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    I will use the example of the school district that did my student teaching to help illustrate how that educational institution has changed over the years.

    Twenty to thirty years ago, the suburban Detroit community, Dearborn Heights, was prosperous, with many of the families, generally, working as blue collar workers in the automotive industry (Dearborn housed the automotive corporate executives). The worksite predominance is a critical issue because of what has happened in recent years. It was a neighborhood school, with reputable hospital not far away, as well as city services like recreation and related youth opportunities.

    After 9-11, the auto industry took a financial dive. Because the public schools in the community are funded by tax payers primarily, a fall of the major revenue producer was a devastating blow in the trickle-down effect. Since people lost their jobs, they began to move out of the area. The school budget had serious declines, ...

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    The economy, shifting populations and failing schools are just a few of the concepts covered about what has provoked institutions to have had to change.