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    Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

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    Go to this http://www2.fdic.gov/qbp/ sponsored by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. You will see that this site offers summary data on financial institutions. Click on the link that says "Quarterly Banking Profile." From the dropdown menu that says "Report Date," select the most recent date. Then click on "Complete QBP" below the dropdown menu. This will open an Adobe Acrobat file. Once the file opens, scroll down to find Table 1-A.

    Please answer the following questions:
    ? Have banks' return on assets been increasing or decreasing over the last few years?
    ? Has the core capital been increasing, and how does it compare to the capital ratio reported in Table 1 in the text?
    ? How many institutions are currently reporting to the FDIC?

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    The banks return on assets grew marginally over the last year, ie. 2004 but is still below the return in 2003. If we compare the current year's return to returns in 2000 and 2001, it does shows improvement. Overall, we can say that the growth rate in return on assets is stagnant in the past two years with no markeed improvement.

    Has the core capital been increasing, and how does it compare to the ...

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    Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation