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Write a Java class that contains 4 instance methods

Write a Java class that contains 4 instance methods that output information related to your education background, work experience, hobbies and skills. This is meant to represent your Curriculum Vitae. The use of other methods to show any additional information related to your CV (such as affiliation to professional bodies/orga

Difference between object-oriented programming and procedural

Describe the difference between object-oriented programming and procedural (or structural or processual) programming. What, if anything, does the OO model bring to the table and improve upon what was out there pre-OO? How does Java endeavor to represent the OO paradigm? Is OO programming a step forward or a step back in your

Identify a Programming Language

Use Cybrary to research at least one programming language and its characteristics. Find out if it is procedural, object-oriented, or a hybrid. Discuss if you would consider using if you were on a development team, and why.

Compare the Java and .NET programming languages

The future of software development is now expected to be a near 50-50 split between Java and .Net. When making a decision on which technology to bank on, you should really research what types of companies use which technology, and which fits into your career aspirations. Java and .Net overlap in a lot of markets and inevitably e

What is SQL, differences in SQL implementations?

What is SQL? Who owns SQL? What are some of the differences in the SQL supported by RDBMS vendors? I need to really understand these topics, so easy to read in depth explanations would be great. Thank you.

2d Amortization Program That Hesitate In Gui

Amortization Program I have 3 written programs that I want to take a little from each and add a twist Project should not take more than few hours. Please comment thoughly so I can follow what you have done Attached are 3 programs I want a certain function from each program The console program Display Program Messag

Simple adventure game

I would like to have the basic solution to the challenges included with the code - I can't get my solutions to work. I need to have the java code that will make the changes to the game. (See attached file for full problem description)

Problem using Recursion

Please provide a little guidance on how to solve the following problem using recursion. I can understand solving it using iteration .. but not recursion. Design a game called Jump it. It consists of a board of n integers rows. All containing positive integers except the first one always containing 0. The object is to mo

Java 101

Help with Deciphering Java Enclosed are 3 Individual Java Programs. I understand that there are 8 primitive data types in Java. I have included an example of 4 of them of them Can you help me with the additional 4 data types I am having really difficult time identifying the string programming Error. I cannot iden

Programming > Java

Applet program that finds an inverse matrix Applet program that accepts a 2x2 matrix and finds its inverse matrix if any. It seems easy, but I am having a problem getting it to work.


I have simple SWING GUI JAVA application that I created and have running with Eclipse on Windows XP. Tomorrow I need the same program to run on a Linux box using command line complie. Can some one let me know if this program runs correctly on Linux and the proper syntax to compile? To test the program just start MoneyMain

features and uses of SQL

Outline the specific features and uses of SQL. Put in examples of each point or feature that you explain.

Two programs in Java

I'm trying to learn java by myself and I came across the two programs attached below, but I can't figure out how to do them. --- 4a. Write a program in which the main method calls a method with the heading public static char changeCase(char ch) that if ch is a lowercase letter, the method will return the corresponding upperc

Java Programming

Write a complete interactive Java GUI program(for example: javax.swing.JOptionPane;) NOT A APPLET that requests two numbers from the user. The first number is the row dimension and the second number is the column dimension. Print to the user a rectangle of stars based on the input. The program must do the following: 1. Print

Java Programming Code Initialization

Write code to initialize myary1 beginning with myary1[0][0] = 1 and adding one for each subsequent array location. myary1 has 3 columsn and 4 rows. This is what I have so far... int[][] myary1 = new int[4][3];

Java Programming

Access the monster.java program. Compile and run the program. There are ten lines of code marked (1)..(10) that you must explain after analyzing the code, running the program, and examining the output. Submit your work with an explanation of each of the lines of code (1..10), that is, what the code does logically and what it doe

Write value returning and void Java methods

You have already written the code for the four loop problems which you will now combine into one program with four distinct methods. For this assignment you will write methods, two value returning methods and two void methods. You may choose which of the four problems are coded into which method. Each method must represent one o

Java Programming

Access the Extends Java program. Compile and run the program. There are five lines of code marked (1)..(5) that you must explain after analyzing the code, running the program, and examining the output. Submit your work with an explanation of each of the lines of code (1..5), that is, what the code does syntactically and what it

Need a Java scrolling applet on top of my WEB page

I need a scrolling applet on my WEB page my black and white photo in widow as watermark, however that is not required Text: The Earth Observatory System is the study of the earth resources. Science information about the air we breath, the water we drink and sail upon to every mineral on the surface of the erath is mo

Java Programming

Write a GUI Java program that plays a guessing game with the user. The user will first enter a number between 1-10 OR letters between A-K (uppercase) and your program will generate a random number in the same range OR a letter to compare to the user's input, and declare whether you have matched each other or not. The program

Differences between Java and other languages

What are the major differences between Java programming language and any other language? List and discuss three items. How could company utilize PDA technology to improve efficiencies? Would there be a time, cost, or labor savings?

Encrypt and decrypt the message using the Caesar cipher

The cipher that Caesar used is simple technique to replace each letter of the alphabet with the another letter further down the alphabet for lowercase and uppercase. Encrypt and decrypt the message using the Caesar cipher with (K=3) in Java.

Java Programming

Loop Assignment: Uses a while loop to count down every odd number from 40 to 0, printing each off number down to zero, except the number 3 and 33. Program must use a continue and an if statement. This is what I have so far but I am unable to get the continue statement to work with the program. Please help...Thanks. p