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Stuck on coding Java IOExceptions

My problem is an exception class called ChatIOException that extends from IOException that is imported from the package in order to extend IOException. Also, the ChatIOException class is within the package name There are 2 constructors that need to be declared for the ChatIO

Problem with Java

I am having problems identifing the appropriate class names, attributes and methods for the following objects. I need at least 3 attributes and 3 methods for each class. STUDENT INSTRUCTOR CLASS MAJOR For Example: Class Name Student Attributes socialSecurityNumber; studentName; studentDOB; Methods

Developing a java program

To Whom It May Concern: I need a solution (2 .java files) for the following question. The solution is not to be in the form of an applet. Rather it is to be just .java files. The deadline for this solution is Monday May 5, 2003 at 12:00 Noon. The first .java file will be named IntegerSet and will incorporate these cha