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    Functionality of Java Programs

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    Hi. I need some help with the question below. Any help would be appreciated.

    ***Consider a Java-based application example with file access and file processing methods appropriate for e-business.

    ***Explain why that functionality is valuable for businesses.

    ***The answer needs to be between 275 to 325 words.

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    Suppose the e-business we are taking into consideration is an online tutoring website like www.brainmass.com, www.tutor.com, www.mathfiles.com, www.fearofphysics.com, etc. Students upload their Mathematics problems in MS Word and MS Excel files through the tutoring agency's website. A Java code is required to read in an upload the file. The tutor, sitting on the other end, downloads this file on his or her computer and then prepares a solution file. Therefore, file downloading ...

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    This solution of 336 words explains the functionality of Java-based applications in e-businesses such as online tutoring websites in uploading files, image files, and feedback.