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    A java program to read values and calculate payroll

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    Modify the Payroll Program application so it continues to request employee information until the user enters stop as the employee name. In addition, program the application to check that the hourly rate and number of hours worked are positive numbers. If either the hourly rate or the number of hours worked is not a positive value, the application should prompt the user to enter a positive amount.

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    The original file had several small bugs that needed to be fixed. These were mostly due to mistyped words (System.outprint instead of System.out.print, for example). Once those were fixed then the program mostly worked for reading in the information for one employee. The trick to getting the program to read for multiple employees is to use a loop that continues until a certain condition is met. In this case we want to use a while loop that will continue while the employee name is not "stop".

    Also, notice that we are trying to read in a positive integer in two different locations. When that happens it is best to make ...

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    This solution demonstrates how to read in integers and check that they have a valid value. It also show how to do some arithmetic operations on the numbers read in. This solution is in Java.