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Define the JAVA code necessary to allow only one connection to a server program at a time. After connecting, the server sends a "CLEAR" message and then closes the connection. The process is repeated for clients wanting to connect..

Using Java Class to Find a String in Another String

How to use Java classes to find the number of times a string is present in another string? Write a function to count occurrences of a string in another string. Then write a driver program to input a string and then input several lines of text, using the function to count occurrences of the string in the lines of text.

How do I begin to break down a programming idea into modules?

My task is to think of a software application that I may be asked to develope, for example, a maintenance tracking application for an apartment complex, a video store application, a gym membership and equipment tracking application, an on-line shopping application, etc. I have to select one, discuss it, then determine how I woul

Java Programming

Write a Java program that does the following: 1.Creates a grading program based on a College grading standard (See attach file). 2. Uses a char array to hold the letter grades. 3. Creates two classes 'bill' and 'susan' with private grade attributes and two class methods to manipulate their grades. One method will ra

Java Programming

Access the emply and emplyC Java program. Code, compile, and run the program. There are five lines of code marked (1)..(5) that you must explain after analyzing the code, running the program, and examining the output. Post to the Answer Forum an explaination of each of the lines of code (1..5), that is, what the code does syntac

Java Programming

Access the array 4 Java program. Code, compile, and run the program. There are four lines of code marked (1)..(4) that you must explain after analyzing the code, running the program, and examining the output. Post to the Answer Forum an explaination of each of the lines of code (1..4), that is, what the code does syntactically a

Java / C# Programming Help

I have no idea in doing the following: Create new salary object based on the gross salary Store new salary object in array Check if the new gross salary is the new minimum and update accordingly Check if the new gross salary is the new maximum and update accordingly Please see the attachemnts for details.

Java Programming

I keep getting this error message java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: main Exception in thread "main" . What I am doing wrong? public class PersonTwo { public String name = "John Smith"; public String job = "Doctor"; public void display() { System.out.println("My name is " + name + ", I am a " + job);


Here is a public class called Student Public class Student { public int studID = 0; public char studGrade = 'F';} Use Notepad to write a test class called which will instantiate an object called myStudent. Use the object to write print statments to print the current values of the two attributes. Next,


ADDED CHANGES NEED FOR PROBLEM AND INCREASED BID TO 15. Also, the program should not except a neg number. 1. Modify the to have a button panel that will save the output to a file, read and display file content, and clear the text area: Write a class that implements Throwable;

Writing Java program from scratch

Program reads info about students and their scores from a file and output the name of each student w/all his/her scores and the total score, plus the average score of the class, and the name and total score of the students with the highest and lowest total score. 4 files are provided: - contains simple input lib


Modify to implement ? Associate the current action listener with ? Write the action Performed function to perform the following tasks: o Interrogate the ActionEvent object and determine the source of the action. o Based on the source of the action call one of four functions &#6160


Please help write a java program using a graphical user interface that accepts user input of the amount of the mortgage, the term of the mortgage and the interest rate of the mortgage and display the payment. Please use attached Mortgagedisplaycalcultor class diagram (must have the same names in the code) as a guide. The disp

JAVA PROBLEM for GUI Mortgage Calculators

Please help in building a non GUI mortgage calculator that calculates and displays when executed in NETBEAN compiler: Principal = $200,000 Interest Rate = 0.0575 Periods = 360 Monthly Payment = Then scrolls and displays Payment # Principle Monthly Payment Pay Date (15JUL05) Interest Payment Interest Paid Principle Paid Attached

Wrong output displayed in Java Program

My output display this: Mortgagecalculator@7ced01 The output should display Years: 30, Loan Amount $200000.00, Interest Rate: .0575, and Monthly Payment: Calculated by Math.POW. Then a list of loan balance and interest paid for each payment over the term of the loan should scroll off the screen, but need loops to display a pa

Java code for rectangle

Having problems with part of question beginning: "These classes come with default "constructor methods". Write the Java code for .." through to and including last question from the question below. The Class for a Rectangle is shown below. PlaneRectangle is a specialisation of Rectangle with fields that define the location of

Java program for contouring images

Hello! I am trying to write a program in Java that will be able to recognise the contour of an image. An image is a two-dimentional table of boolean values (true=black, false=white), and the contour is the list of points which form the outer edge of the image. Two files are attached. The first is my class Image, and the se

Problems about binary search tree in Java

Questions: a. Consider the following binary search tree: (Please see the figure in attached problem file) i. What tree results after you insert the nodes 44, 48, 32, 36, 38, and 49 in that order? You only need to show the final result. ii. Given the original tree, what tree results when you delete the node 43 and then nod

data structure in Java

Question: You have a computer where multiplication is an enormously expensive operation compared to addition. Consider an algorithm for computing cubes using only addition (FYI: the first 5 cubes are 13 = 1, 23 = 8, 33 = 27, 43 = 64 and 53 = 125). This computation can be made using a two-pass (i.e. two loop) algorithm:

Stuck on coding Java IOExceptions

My problem is an exception class called ChatIOException that extends from IOException that is imported from the package in order to extend IOException. Also, the ChatIOException class is within the package name There are 2 constructors that need to be declared for the ChatIO

Problem with Java

I am having problems identifing the appropriate class names, attributes and methods for the following objects. I need at least 3 attributes and 3 methods for each class. STUDENT INSTRUCTOR CLASS MAJOR For Example: Class Name Student Attributes socialSecurityNumber; studentName; studentDOB; Methods

Developing a java program

To Whom It May Concern: I need a solution (2 .java files) for the following question. The solution is not to be in the form of an applet. Rather it is to be just .java files. The deadline for this solution is Monday May 5, 2003 at 12:00 Noon. The first .java file will be named IntegerSet and will incorporate these cha