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    Programming Languages: Java Application

    One interesting application of computers is to display graphs and bar charts. I need help with writing an application that reads five numbers between 1 and 30. For each number that is read, your program should display the same number of adjacent asterisks. For example, if your program reads the number 7, it should display ***

    Java Jcombobox and another button.

    So I have a question I have been looking but I can't find it. I have a program that copies a file to another via a GUI, and in it you can select if the file being copied is either a textfile or a data file. To make this selection, you press on a jcombobox either "text" or "data". However, the way the program is written right now

    Java program

    Trying to create a GUI interface for entering a calendar date using Java that has a text field area for displaying and editing a particular entry which allows the user to specify the month, day, and year of the calendar entry. The interface has two buttons, one for saving an entry, and the other for retrieving an entry.

    Java Mortgage Payment Calculator change

    Write the program in Java (with a graphical user interface) so that it will allow the user to select which way they want to calculate a mortgage: by input of the amount of the mortgage, the term of the mortgage, and the interest rate of the mortgage payment or by input of the amount of a mortgage and then select from a menu of m

    Database Programming Languages

    What are some examples of database programming languages? How do these languages interact with other programming languages?

    Dynamic Programming Algorithm to Find Minimum Cost

    You are going on a long horse trip. You start on the road at mile post 0. Along the way there are n horse stations at mile posts m1 < m2 <. mn where each mi is measured from the starting point. The only places you are allowed to stop and change horses are at these stations, but you can choose which of the stations you stop at. Y

    Groovy Versus Java

    Write paper about the differences of programing with Groovy vs native Java . Explain how they are different and alike . Also explain the benefits of programing with groovy vs Java. include syntax differences in the code between the two.

    Write a driver and fraction class

    Basic Requirements Write a driver and fraction class that performs addition, multiplication, prints the fraction, and prints as a double. YourNameProg7.java Provide a driver class, YourNameProg7, that demonstrates this Fraction class. The driver class should contain this main method: public static void main(Strin

    Java program rational fractions

    Rational fractions are of the form a / b, where a and b are integers and b != 0. In this exercise, by "fractions" we mean rational fractions. Suppose a / b and c / d are fractions. Arithmetic operations on fractions are defined by the following rules: a/b + c/d = (ad + bc) / bd a/b - c/d = (ad - bc) / bd a/b * c/d =

    Java Binary Search Tree Solution

    Dear OTA - I need a Java solution named TestGRE.java with a main method to test a Student Graduate Record Examination Score Managment System using BinarySearchTree java classes. The solution should use the attached Student class. Also, sample input that can be used is contained in the attached StudData.dat file. The

    Java Swing Applet

    Write a Swing applet that displays your name (Gary Vega) in blue the first time the user clicks a JButton4, and then displays your name larger and in gray the second time the user clicks the JButton. Save the program as JBlueGray.java

    Mortgage Calculator Separate Methods

    I am not sure how to do this, attached is the program Also I need a flowchart diagram of the program. NO ACTIONS IN MAIN. Thus, the code The entire for loop) below should be in a separate method: for (loan = 200000, i=0;i<terms.length;i++){ //Calculates the Payment per month to be paid under mortgage scheme One

    Java: Throwing Exceptions

    Please help in understanding how Java can someone help answer these two questions regarding about throwing exceptions (see attachment).

    Having trouble writing Java Program in Netbeans

    Write the program in Java (without a graphical user interface) and have it calculate the payment amount for 3 mortgage loans: - 7 year at 5.35% - 15 year at 5.5% - 30 year at 5.75% Use an array for the different loans. Display the mortgage payment amount for each loan and then list the loan balance and interest paid for

    Java Program Redo

    Sreehari, Please redo the program. The assignment is as follows: Create two files named TeamProj.txt and TeamProj2.txt. Create a java program named CompareFiles.java and enter code to check if the files exist (TeamProj.txt and TeamProj2.txt) I need to show that these two files exist and show a camparision between the two.

    UML into Java Code

    Please help with this UML Diagram by updating it and putting it into Java Code. The one that I did is listed below: Car object class: 1. What does CAR object know? The CAR object should know about a. Its direction to move b. Its Speed limit(min and max) c. Gear limit d. Break capacity

    Create a java file with an array of 5 integers

    Write a program named GoTooFar in which you declare an array of five integers and store five values in the array. Initialize a subscript to zero. Write a try block in which you access each element of the array, subsequently increasing the subscript by 1. Create a catch block that catches the eventual ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsExcepti

    Explaining why using break and continue is a bad practice

    This figure shows an example of using a command in Java called break and continue. I somewhat disagree with the use of these commands in this way. I consider it bad form as does much of the industry. Just because a command is there does not mean you have to use it! Why this is bad form and provide a snippet of code that show

    Greatest Common Divisor in Java

    I have to write an interactive program that will find the Greatest common divisor between two inputted integers. Here is what I have so far. // // // // This Program will find the greatest common divisor between two inputted integers. // //

    Mortgage calculator

    Create a Java method similar to the main ( ) method, remove the mortgage calculation formula from the main ( ) method, and move the formula to the new method. Create a Java method to display the mortgage payment. Make sure that there is no hard code values in the method. Insert comments in the program to document the prog

    Java Swing Applet

    Create a Swing applet with a JButton labeled "Who's number one?." When the user clicks the button, display your favorite sport team in a large font (Use Houston Rockets for the sports team). Please save the file to JNumberOne.java

    Java code errors

    1. What are the errors in the following codes: What would correct the errors? A.) if ( age >= 65 ) ; System.out.println( "Age greater than or equal to 65" ); else System.out.println( "Age is less than 65 )"; B.) int x = 1, total; while ( x <= 10 ) { Tot

    Java program to Calculate Employee Payroll

    A payroll program that calculates the employees weekly pay after employee's name, hourly rate, and number of hours worked. This must include a class to store and retrieve the employees's name, the hourly rate, and the number of hours worked. Use a constructor to initialize the employee information and a method within that class

    Writing a Mortgage Calculator in Java

    I'm using Netbeans 6.5 and wanting to do a Mortgage Calculator.A program written in Java (without a graphical user interface) that will calculate and display the monthly payment amount to fully amortize a $200,000.00 loan over a 30 year term at 5.75? interest.

    Java solution to convert decimal to a given base using recursion

    Dear OTA - I need a Java solution that can read a decimal integer and convert it to binary or any other given base system using recursion. For example, the Java program will do as follows: read a decimal Integer, val, until "q" is read if "q" then stop else read another Integer, base, which will be a representatio

    Java Program to check if Fractions are identical

    Need some assistance modifying the attached code. In the attached METHOD "equals", that takes as input another Fraction and returns true if the two fractions are identical and false if they are not, this method reduces the fraction to its lowest terms; that is, if one fraction is 20/60 and the other is 1/3, then the method r

    Question about Java - working with files

    Write a Java application that reads from a text file a set of lines containing the persons data in the format last_name first_name age (one person per line, the fields are separated by one or more spaces or tabs). The program should create for each name a serialized object with 3 instance members: first and last names (as St

    Construct a Java Money Class Program

    Please help come up with a money class program. The "Money" Class program completed with examples of the following: Objects (instances) Instance Variables (attributes or properties) Methods Messages Interfaces Encapsulation Inheritance Polymorphism The program need not compile or run but must have appropria

    Write a program to display a bouncing blue ball inside a JPanel

    Write a program to display a bouncing blue ball inside a JPanel. The ball should begin when the mouse is clicked inside the window. The ball will continue until the window is closed. When the ball hits the edge of the JPanel, it should bounce off and continue in the opposite direction. The ball should be updated using a Runable.