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    Write a Complete Java Program Named Buttons

    See the attached file. Assist in writing a complete Java program named Buttons that implements a window with three buttons - left, blue, and reset. When the left button is clicked, the window's contents (the three buttons) shifts left. When the blue button is clicked, the window's background color changes to blue. When the rese

    Java Application for Federal Tax Calculation

    Write a Java application to accomplish the following task: Ask users for the past 5 years of federal taxes they have paid, save this data to an array, search for the largest and the smallest amount of tax, and display it to the screen. Use proper data structure to solve programming task.

    Java Program

    Create an application named Numbers. The Numbers class should have non-static public methods named sum and difference, each taking a pair of int variables as arguments. As you might expect, the sum method should add the two integers and return the sum; the difference method should find the difference between the two integers a

    Simple Calculator in JAVA

    Write a Java program that can serve as a simple calculator. This calculator keeps track of a single number (of type double) that is called result and that starts out as 0.0. Each cycle allows the user to repeatedly add, subtract, multiply, or divide by a second number. The result of one of these operations becomes the new value

    Programming Languages

    Explain how different programming languages affect the time it takes to develop a system.

    Please explain the errors in the following Java code.

    Please explain the errors in the following Java code. // AverageAndSmallest // This program will get three numbers from the user // and determine the smallest number and the average import java.util.Scanner; // Scanner class used for getting user input public class AverageAndSmallest { // The main method that be


    Why would a company like Microsoft choose to create the .NET proprietary platform when J2EE is readily available? As a software developer, how would you address operating systems that .NET does not support?

    Implement the SCAN, C_SCAN, and LOOK disk scheduling algorithms in Java.

    Implement the SCAN, C_SCAN, and LOOK disk scheduling algorithms in Java. Namely, the first command-line parameter must be the current head position. The list of cylinder requests must be read from the standard input, you can use input redirection for reading it from a file. Assume that the total number of cylinders on disk is 20

    Authentication and Authorization Paper

    I need some help with the following assignment: XYZ Company has contracted you to secure an Apache server or Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS). Explain how you would secure the server and describe the system settings that you would employ for the server. Be sure to include methods for authentication and methods for

    Web Security Issues

    Would you please help me to get started on a 2 - 3 page paper discussing methods to address client (user) security issues. Include ways that a Website can be attacked by malicious users such as Java script insertion, SQL insertion, hidden field manipulation, header manipulation and cookies Precautions: How can worms and vi

    Java application for largest and the smallest amount of tax

    Write Java applications to accomplish the following. Ask users for the past 5 years of federal taxes they have paid, save this data to an array, search for the largest and the smallest amount of tax, and display it on the screen. Requirement below is little challenging version of the above requirement. Ask for users' in

    Java application to search for user input in a sorted array

    Write a Java application that takes user input from the keyboard, and searches for this input in a predefined sorted array. Use following sequence to create the predefined sorted array in the application: 1, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 18, 19, 20

    How does Visual Basic compare with other programming languages?

    Microsoft's Visual Basic is the leading programming language and rapid development environment for creating Windows-based applications. When might a programmer use Visual Basic? How does Visual Basic compare with other programming languages such as FORTRAN, Java, and Perl? What types of support and tools are available wi

    Java Simulation of Cat and Mice Battle

    Write a Java program that simulates the battle between a cat and mice. Cat Kills 1 mouse a day, and does not reproduce. Mice have a chance to reproduce as long as required conditions are met. Reproduction only happens when mice are over 1, and 1 of each sex is present. Simulation continues as long as mice population is

    Mortgage calculator (with a graphical user interface) in Java

    Write a program in Java (with a graphical user interface) that calculates and displays the mortgage payment amount, based on the user input of the mortgage amount and the user's selection from a menu of available mortgage loans (as given below). - 7 years at 5.35% - 15 years at 5.5% - 30 years at 5.75% Use an array for t

    Virtual Machine Approach

    Java and many other programming languages have taken the approach of executing on a virtual machine, as opposed to compiling to native machine code. Explain one advantage and one disadvantage of the virtual machine approach.

    Java program to write 100 random integers into a file using text

    Using Java write a program to create a file named Exercise8_5.txt if it does not exist. Write 100 randomly created integers into the file using text I/O. Integers are separated by spaces in the file. Read the data back from the file and display the sorted data.

    Class Hierarchy for Java Class

    be just a number. Example 1: Create a mutable class Phone with two integer data fields: areaCode and number. Have two constructors, "getter" methods, and "setter" methods for each data field and a toString method. Example 2: Derive a class cellPhone from class Phone that has two String data fields maker and service. Exampl

    Inheritance, Polymorphism and Scope

    Example 1: Which access modifier (public, private, protected, default) would you use on a data field in the following cases? a. You plan to inherit from this class from without the package. b. You want only those classes within the package to have access to this field. c. You want to restrict access to within the class its

    Network Management System & Functions of a Network Node Manager

    What is the best way to address issues and concerns in a Real network management system (NMS) as it pertains to the processes that take place during network discovery and mapping of the network. What are the functions of a network node manager. Include a description of these functions.

    Designing a Java Class

    Design a Java class named MyPoint to represent a point with x and y coordinates. This class should contain: - Two data fields x and y that represent the coordinates. - A no-argument constructor that creates a point (0, 0). - A constructor that constructs a point with specified coordinates. - Two get methods for data fields

    Mortgage calculator with GUI in Java

    I need to write a program in Java (with a graphical user interface) and have it calculate and display the mortgage payment amount from the user input amount of the mortgage, the term of the mortgage, and the interest rate of the mortgage. Allow the user to loop back and enter new data. There are 3 mortgage loans 7 year a

    Static Recursive Method

    Write a Java program that demonstrates a static recursive method that accepts two integer arguments into the parameters x and y. The method should return the value of x times y. Remember, multiplication can be performed as repeated addition: 7 * 4 = 4 + 4 + 4 + 4 + 4 + 4 + 4.

    Java class named Person with fields for holding a person's name

    Design a Java class named Person with fields for holding a person's name, address and telephone number. Write one or more constructors and the appropriate mutator and accessor methods for the class's fields. Next, design a class named Customer, which extends the Person class. The Customer class should have a field for a 6 digi

    A java program to calculate future tuition

    Suppose that the tuition for a university is $ 10,000 this year and increases 5% every year. Write a Java program that uses a loop to compute the tuition in ten years. Write another Java program that computes the total cost of four years worth of tuition starting ten years from now.

    Public static method: Java

    Write a public static method named compareScores that takes two doubles as its arguments and returns the integer value of -1 if the first argument is less than the second, 0 if the first argument is the same as the second, and +1 if the first argument is greater than the second.

    Number of chunks of 25 in the argument number.

    Write a public static method named chunk25 that takes a double and returns an integer that represents the number of chunks of 25 in that number. A chunk of 25 is 25, or any part thereof. For example, given the following arguments, the returned value would be: o 50 returns 2 o 15 returns 1 o 91.2 returns 4 o 0.17 returns 1