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    Web Security Issues

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    Would you please help me to get started on a 2 - 3 page paper discussing methods to address client (user) security issues. Include ways that a Website can be attacked by malicious users such as Java script insertion, SQL insertion, hidden field manipulation, header manipulation and cookies


    How can worms and viruses be introduced to a Web site?
    What is the most common method to ensure client security?

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    Client Security Issues
    The main client-security issues are to know how can worms and viruses be introduced to a Web site and what is the most common method to ensure client security? If we look at the ways the client computers are attack we can find following ways through which attackers attack the computers:
    (i) Java Script insertion: In this way of attacking client computer malicious user insert JavaScript with into their response and when ever that response is displayed in the browser that JavaScript executes. For example: Yahoo mail was hijacked by the Yammer worm that destroyed the software ability to include JavaScript in e-mail.
    (ii) SQL insertion: SQL insertion occurs when an malicious user is able to insert a series of SQL statements into a "query" by the way of manipulating data inputs into an application.
    (iii) Hidden field manipulation: In a hidden field manipulation, some important values like the user's ID (UID) is stored by an application as a hidden file in the application and whenever the ...

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