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    Vector class in Java

    Create a Vector class implementing a number of vector operations as methods along with a testing program to verify the class is working. 1. Create a Vector class incorporating the following features: a. a constructor taking an array of doubles as an argument b. a toString method returning proper vector notation, e.g < 1.0, -1

    Java program to serialize and deserialize books data

    Write a Java program to do the following: a. Serialize the following three books into a byte file with name (Books.ser). ISBN TITLE #PAGES 1111 The Sky Is Not the Limit 254 7322 A Brief History of Time 730 9905 Letters from the Field 147 b. Deserialize fil

    Java MyLinkedList with insertSortNoDuplicate Method

    Write a Java class MyLinkedList that includes implementation of: i. int insertSortNoDuplicate(Object object) that will insert an object at correct position in the ascending (increasing) order. The method also will return -1 if the given object already exists in the current list, otherwise returns 0. ii. Iterator getIterato

    Write a student class in Java that implements the Comparable interface.

    Write a student class in Java that implements the Comparable interface. The class has: - Two instance variables studentId (String) and gpa (double). StudentId would contain six-digit Student Id, and the value of GPA is between 0.00 and 4.00. - Two constructors with the following headers: --> public Student(String studentId,

    Solving: JAVA Questions

    - The linked list that follows represents a stack. After we push the player (5, Joe, Sonic) onto the stack, what are first and last items on the stack? (7,Ajay, NFL) -> (3, Sarah, Mario) -> (9, Jin, Golf) -> null head (7, Ajay, NFL0 and (9, Jin, Golf) (5, Joe, Sonic) and (9, Jin, Golf) (3, Sarah, Mario) and (5, Joe

    Java Array Coding

    3- In a two-dimensional array, every row must have the same number of columns. true or false 5- How do you access the element of array a located at row 2 and column 4? 9- An ArrayList can be returned by a method. True or False 11-Is is possible to declare and instantiate an ArrayList of a user-defined class type. True o

    Java: flow of control looping

    1. What is the output of this code sequence? (The user successively enters 3, 5, and -1.) System.out.print( "Enter an int > " ); int i = scan.nextInt( ); while ( i !=-1 ) { System.out.println( "Hello" ); System.out.print( " Enter an int > " ); i = scan.nextint ( ); } 2. what are the values of i and product af

    Java Array Manipulation With & Without Java 3rd Party Libraries

    Please help to create two separate Java codes resulting in the same output (one using Apache Commons library and one using the standard Java methods). The program should count all people with the same last name and then change the last name to Doe. See the attachments. When using the Apache Commons library it has been s

    Explain and fix errors for Java code

    You coded the following in the Test.java int [ ] a = { 1, 2, 3 ); System.out.println ( a ); The code compiles properly and runs, but the result is not what you expected; the output is similar to the following: [I@f0326267 Explain what the problem is how to fix it.

    Trouble Shooting Java Code

    You coded the following in the Test.java class: ArrayList <String> a = new ArrayList<String> ( ); a. add ("Cloudy"); a. add ("Snowy"); a. add("Cloudy"); System.out.println ( "Weather is " + a. get (3 ) ); // line 14 The code compiles properly, but when you run, you get the following output: Exception in thread "main" jav

    Trouble Shooting a Java Program

    You coded the following on line 10 of the class MyApplet.java: Color c = Color.Blue; //line 10 When you compile, you get the following message: Myapplet.java:10: Cannot find symbol Color C = Color.blue; //line 10 Symbol: variable blue Location Class Color 1 error Explain what the problem is and how to fix it.

    PHP, PHPUnit, XPath

    Function testCountListElements should simply retrieve an array of all list (html tag li) elements on the page and assert that their total count is three. Utilize an XPath expression for retrieving the elements on the page and assertCount() when doing your assertion. XPath expressions starting with a double slash (ie: //) will lo

    Java code - college members classes

    Im studying for my finals in Java programming 1. Im struggling with the attached practice question. I need to write a code for this example. Can you please ENSURE you add COMMENTS to the code so I can understand how it works. AND also following exactly the instructions in the attachment PLEASE. The File name is task2 and NO

    Finding Error in the Java Script

    Given the following class definitions: Public abstract class A2{ private int x; public A2 (int a) { this.x=a; } public int getX(){ return this.x; } public abstract double sameInfo(); } public class B2 extends A2 { private int y; public B2 (int a, int b) { super(a); this.y = b; } public int getY () { return

    Coding in Java language

    For this task you will create a Subject class, whose instances will represent the subjects for study at a university. A subject will have a name, just a String, and a subject code, which is a six-character String. The first three characters of a subject code are alphabetic and the last three are numeric. The first three characte

    java: toString Methods Create the employee, manager and executive classes.

    Make a class Employee with a name and salary. Make a class Manager inherit from Employee. Add an instance variable, named department, of type String. Supply a method toString that prints the manager's name, department, and salary. Make a class Executive inherit from Manager. Supply appropriate toString methods for all clas

    what is happening in the java code

    QUESTION 1 public abstract class Account{ public abstract boolean open(double); } public class Checking extends Account{ public boolean open (double bal){ } } In the above code, what happens if open() is not declared in each subclass of Account? Question 2 public

    Writing methods that requires multiple parameters and return the value

    1. Methods that require multiple parameters. The program prompts the user for two numeric values. Both values should be passed to methods named calculateSum(), calculateDifference(), and calculateProduct(). The methods compute the sum of the two values, the difference between the two values, and the product of the two values. Ea

    Complex GUI Exercise

    Design an application to take and process a pizza order. The user should be able to make pizza order choices from listboxes, and the application should display the order price. One of the listboxes should allow a user to select pizza size under the following criteria: small with the base price of $7, medium with the base price o

    Using Java to Determine Weekly Rate

    The program should allow users to enter the age of the child and the number of days per week stays. Need to write the input statements and the code that initializes the two-dimensional array, determines the weekly rate and prints the weekly rate. 1. Open the source code DayCare.java 2. Declare and intialize the two-dimension

    Java: Program to remove comma from the number

    Write a Java program that reads a number between 1,000 and 999,999 from the user, where the user enters a comma in the input. Then it prints the number without a comma. Below is a sample dialog. Please enter an integer between 1,000 and 999,999: 23,456 23456 Hint: Read the input as a string. Measure the length of the stri

    Editing a Java Program

    Please help with this java program (that is what I have so far its not displaying the medal count). public class Medals{ public static void main(String[] args){ final int COUNTRIES = 7; final int MEDALS = 3; String[]country = { "CANADA", "CHINA","GERMANY", "COREA", "JAPAN", "RUSSIA" } ; int[][]count = {{

    Java Arraylist

    I am still sorting through this chapter on arrays and ran into another exercise that I do not understand. If someone could please help a struggling single mom figure this out it would be much appriciated. This program is in Java. The following code creates a simple ArrayList: import java.io.BufferedReader; import java.io

    Simple Commission Calculation Program

    Modify the Week Two Java application using Java NetBeans IDE to meet these additional and changed business requirements: - The company has recently changed its total annual compensation policy to improve sales. - A salesperson will continue to earn a fixed salary of $55,300. The current sales target for every salesperson is