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Vector class in Java

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Create a Vector class implementing a number of vector operations as methods along with a testing program to verify the class is working.
1. Create a Vector class incorporating the following features:
a. a constructor taking an array of doubles as an argument
b. a toString method returning proper vector notation, e.g < 1.0, -1.0, 0.0, 2.0 >
c. a method to return the size (number of components) of a vector
d. a method to return the norm of a vector
e. a method unitize that will return a unit vector for a given vector
f. a method scale for computing the product of a scalar and a vector
g. a method add for adding two vectors
h. a method dot for computing the dot product of two vectors
i. a method cross for computing the cross product of two vectors (you can assume the vectors passed to the cross produce method have size 3, ie < i, j, k >
j. some of the methods should be static methods
k. the class should properly handle vectors of different sizes
l. methods working with two vectors should check that the input vectors meet the requirements of the operation and if not should return the vector < -0.0001 > for methods returning vectors or -.0001 for methods returning scalars to indicate this failure

2. Create a separate class, VectorTest, that will demonstrate the use of your Vector class. You must create at least two vectors, and demonstrate the use of each method. When you demonstrate the use of each method, print the results to the console in a manner where the values of the vectors are clear, and the method you called as well as its results are clear.
a. Example output: (this does not illustrate the use of all the methods, your VectorTest class should illustrate the use of all of the methods described above).

myVector1 is: <1.0,2.0,3.0>
myVector2 is: <1.0,1.0,1.0>
The sum of myVector1 and myVector2 is: <2.0,3.0,4.0>
The norm of myVector2 is: 1.73
The dot product of myVector1 and myVector2 is: 6.0

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This solution contains a sequence of method in Vector class and make a test in Java format.

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