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JAVA PROBLEM for GUI Mortgage Calculators

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Please help in building a non GUI mortgage calculator that calculates and displays when executed in NETBEAN compiler: Principal = $200,000 Interest Rate = 0.0575 Periods = 360 Monthly Payment = Then scrolls and displays Payment # Principle Monthly Payment Pay Date (15JUL05) Interest Payment Interest Paid Principle Paid Attached is Driver.java, Mortgagecalculator.java., and Row.java. Everything must compile to execute off of Driver.java.

Please generate a file called row.java (container or wrapper) class to include these variables:
1. public Principle
2. public Monthly Payment
3. public Pay Date
4. public Interim Balance
5. public Interest Paid
6. public Principle Paid
7. to string

Couple of items to fix please:

1. Numbers should go to 2 decimal spaces.
2. Examples written by the teacher on a white board (very confusing, what she threw up on the board) wanted in the mortgagecalculator class:

Mortgagecalculator.java class must have:
1. Vector
2. Private Static number of months
3. Private Static number of days
4. Public void derive matrix
5. Public void print matrix

Also include:

double calculate interest balance double currency principle
double daily rate = interest rate/calculator, number of days
int days = get days between payment ();
double exponent = daily rate * days;
double base = Math.pow (e, exponent);
double interim balance = current principle;

double interest paid = interim balance - previous interim balance
return interest paid;

double calculate principle paid (double interest paid)
double principle paid = monthly payment - interest paid
return principle paid;

double calculate new principle (double principle paid, double previous principle)
double new principle = previous principle-principle paid
return new principle

rows = new vector();
first row.principle = loan amount;
monthly payment = calculatemonthlypayment()
first row.payment=monthly payment;
first row.paydate="07/04/2004"
first row.interim balance = loan amount;
first row.interest paid = calculator.initilize zero
first row.principle paid=calculator.inintilize zero;
rows.add (first row);

for (int i =1; i<number of payments; i++)

row current row = new row();
previous row = rows.element (i-1);
current row.payment=monthly payment;
current row.date="07/04/2004"
current row.interim balance = calculate interim balance;
current row.interest paid = calculate interest paid (current row interim balance, previous row interim balance)
current row.principle paid = calculate principle paid (current row.principle paid, previous row.principle)
row.add(current row)

public void print matrix ()

int length = rows.size();
for (int i = 0, i<length, i++)
string display value = new string ()
row print row = (row) rows.element (i);
display value = print row to string();
system.out.println(display value);

Variable in Row Class:
Monthly Payment
Interim Balance
Interest Paid
Principle Paid
to string ()

Mortgage calculator class (class diagram

calculate initilize zero
number of months
number of days
e= 2.7182818284594

Public void derive matrix ();
Public void print matrix ();
Private double calculate principle (double)principle paid, double previous principle
Private double calculate Interim Balance (double) calculate principle
Private double calculate Interest Payment (double) interim balance, double previous balance
Private double calculate principle paid (double) interest paid, principle paid
Private int get days between payments;
Public int get date differences();
return 30;

Please read the notes, the calculator works but needs to reflect the notes if applicable.


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Solution Summary

The expert examines JAVA problems for GUI mortgage calculators. The interest payment interest paid principles are given.

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