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Java Program with GUI for Mortgages

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Please help write a java program using a graphical user interface that accepts user input of the amount of the mortgage, the term of the mortgage and the interest rate of the mortgage and display the payment. Please use attached Mortgagedisplaycalcultor class diagram (must have the same names in the code) as a guide.

The display should meeth the following criteria:
A class called MortgageDisplayGui.java shall be a child of the Jframe.class and will consist of 5 individual Jpanels
1. ratePanel
2. termPanel
3. amountPanel
4. paymentPanel
5. buttonPanel

JPANEL 1-4 will contain two controls each, a JLabel and a JtextField
JPANEL 5 will contain four controls-each a Jbutton, one to Quit, one to Reset and one to calculate and one to view Amortization.
JPANEL 1-5 will have a flow layout manager

The Container of the primary MortgageDisplayGui.java class will have a BoxLayout manager.

The MortgageDisplayGui.java class will have an init()function that builds the gui. The init() function will be called from the constructor.

The MortgageDisplayGui.java will be packaged into a src.calculator.gui package

The Driver.java will be packaged into a src.calculator package

The Driver class should make and instance of the gui and then display the gui.

Repackage Calculator classes into src.calculator.util package.


Pseudo code for init() function of MortgageDisplayGui

//variables declared as class member variables
JPanel MortgageAmtPanel = new JPanel();
JLabel MortgageAmtLabel = new JLabel("Mortgage Amount: ");
JTextField MortgageAmtText

Public void init()

//instantiate loan amount controls
MortgageAmtPanel = new JPanel();
MortgageAmtLabel = new JLabel("Mortgage Amount: ");
MortgageAmtText = new JTextField(16);

//add layout manager to the panel - flowlayout keeps the controls side by side
MortgageAmtPanel.setLayout(new FlowLayout());

//repeat for all panels

//get and configure container from Jframe parent
setSize(400, 300);

Container cont = getContentPane();
cont.setLayout(new BoxLayout(cont, BoxLayout.PAGE_AXIS));

//add mortgage amount panel to the container
cont.add(MortgageAmtPanel );

}//end init

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<br>If you see the program description, specially in mortgageCalculator, it says that it should show the table as well and provide a button for amortization. so I've implemented that as well along with the features that you desired. In your descrition ...

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