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Modify to implement
? Associate the current action listener with
? Write the action Performed function to perform the following tasks:
o Interrogate the ActionEvent object and determine the source of the action.
o Based on the source of the action call one of four functions
 Quit()
 Calculate()
 Exit()
 ViewAmortization()
? Modify the mortgage program to add the following behaviors
o The Calculate button actions
 Determine the payment, based on user input and using the calculator work from UTIL package (modify if needed). Display the configured payment in the payment box.
o The Reset button actions
 Reset all the values in the text fields to blank
 Reset the values in the calculator to new or empty
o The Quit button
 Exits the System
o The viewAmortization button
 Pop up a dialog that displays the payment matrix in a JTextArea that is inside a JscrollPane. Use the toString ()function already in the Row class to write each line of the amortization table to the dialog.
 The dialog class will be called and will inherit from the JDialog class. The dialog constructor will take a Vector as an argument.
 Package the in the src.calculator.gui.
? Modify the mortgage program to disable the viewAmortization button if there is no payment displayed and enable it when there is a payment displayed.


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