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Structured Techniques Vs. Object-Oriented Techniques

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I am having diffiulty explaining the following:

What are the differences between a data entity in structured techniques and an object in object-oriented techniques?

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The following posting discusses the differences between a data entity in structured techniques and an object in object-oriented techniques.

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A. Data entity in structured techniques:
1. Data entity in structure techniques have Global data where this data is accessible for all of the functions( function 1, function 2 and etc.). that means any function can access Global data.
(functions can modify/update)

2. Data entity in structure techniques can be of local data contained to that function or procedure. The function will use it for intermediate storage for doing some calculations/applying some logic.
- For example: If there are 50 functions in a structured program then all these 50 functions will have access to global data member. There is always a chance this global data gets corrupted/accidently gets updated by some other function.

It is very difficult to debug & find out which function has caused this data corruption. It's a developer's nightmare when there is a large ...

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