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Writing methods that requires multiple parameters and return the value

1. Methods that require multiple parameters. The program prompts the user for two numeric values. Both values should be passed to methods named calculateSum(), calculateDifference(), and calculateProduct(). The methods compute the sum of the two values, the difference between the two values, and the product of the two values. Each method should perform the appropriate computation and display the results.

a. Source file

2. Methods that returns a value. The program is a simple calculator that prompts the user for two numbers and an operator (+, -, *, /, or %). The two numbers and the operator are passed to the method where tha appropriate arithmetic operation is performed. The result is then returned to the main() method where the arithmetic operation and result are displayed.: 3.00 * 4.00 = 12.00

b.source code file named

Please see the attachments for the .java files.


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