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    Please explain the errors in the following Java code.

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    Please explain the errors in the following Java code.

    // AverageAndSmallest
    // This program will get three numbers from the user
    // and determine the smallest number and the average

    import java.util.Scanner; // Scanner class used for getting user input

    public class AverageAndSmallest
    // The main method that begins execution of Java application
    public static void main(String args[])
    // variable declarations
    int num1; // first number to compare
    int num2; // second number to compare
    int num3; // third number to compare
    int smallest = 0; // variable to hold smallest
    double average; // variable to hold average

    // create Scanner to capture input from console
    Scanner input = new Scanner(System.in);

    // get user input, num1 and num2
    System.out.print("Enter first number: ");
    num1 = input.nextInt();
    System.out.print("Enter second number: ");
    num2 = input.nextInt();
    System.out.print("Enter third number: ");
    num3 = input.nextInt();

    // Compare and determine the smallest
    if (num1 > num2)
    smallest = num2;
    if (num1 < num2)
    smallest = num1;
    if (num3 < smallest)
    smallest = num3;

    // Calculate the average
    average = num1 + num2 + num3 / 3;

    // Display average and the smallest
    System.out.printf("Average is %.2fn", average);
    System.out.printf("Smallest is %dn", smallest);

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    There are three major bugs in the given code, as explained below.

    1. Smallest number determination logic is not considering the case (num1 == num2). As a result if num1 happens to be same as num2, smallest remains as initial value 0 and thus the computation of smallest number goes wrong.

    $ java AverageAndSmallest
    Enter first number: 5
    Enter second number: 5
    Enter third number: 3
    Average is 11.00
    Smallest is 0

    Above issue ...

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    Solution shows the execution run for each of the errors after explaining the error. It also gives a bug-fixed version of the given code, along with the execution run for the same.