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    Java application problem

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    Please help with the following problem.

    Assistance with writing a program that will accept an unknown number of positive integers from the user (-1 to stop) and display their average." The application does not work correctly. Correct all the errors and also reformat to be consistent with good style standards.

    I have uploaded a code for average numbers:

    List any challenges that are encountered including compilation errors, logic errors, or runtime errors you had to resolve.

    Rewrite the code new code once it has been done also.

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    Hello student,
    I have attached the completed solution.

    /* AverageNumbers
    * This program will get an unknown number of numbers from the user
    * and determine their average. The user will quit by entering a -1
    * IT171 DB1
    * Changes done:
    * 1. Change in the Program file name (AverageNumbers.java), because
    * in java the Program file name should be same as Class name which contains the main method
    * 2. Included a IF condition ...

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