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Array of Spices in Java

If I were to describe an every day situation, like being a chef at a restaurant, how would I implement an array (for inventory) of my spices (I would have a total of 20 spice bottles)? And, how would items in the array might be searched for or sorted? I don't need a full program, I just need pseudocode - a small example of ju

Java Help 3

A local middle school hired you to write a quiz program that answers questions about Math, Science and the Arts. The program user should be able to select from these topics by entering an option when the program starts. For example, you may use M for Math, S for Science, A for the Arts, and X to exit the program. After the stude

Java Help

1. What is the difference between a Java compiler and a Java interpreter? 2. Write a user-defined class called Person. This class should have private instance variables defined as: private int age;private String firstName;private String lastName; In addition, the class should have a constructor defined as: public Per

I keep getting errors when compiling this program in Java Netbeans Why?

The mortgage calculator must display the mortgage payment amount given the amount of the mortgage, the term of the mortgage, and the interest rate of the mortgage. This program must have hard code amount = 200,000, term = 30 years, and the interest rate = 5.75%. Must have strings to declare the variables. ______________________

X3D versus VRML

X3D is currently replacing VRML as the nearest the internet gets to Virtual Reality currently. Is X3D suited specifically to certain applications over others? Discuss an application for the Internet where you believe Virtual Reality would be of benefit.

Computer troubleshooting

In a troubleshooting situation, a modem failed to work when a new internet browser program was installed. Which of these critical questions would likely lead a troubleshooter to the source of the modem failure. A. Have you ever had this problem before? B. Has the modem ever worked? C. Is the problem repeatable? D. Have you

Object-oriented tasks - Driving a Car

? Identify how you can encapsulate the data and processes you identified into an object-oriented design. ? Describe the architectural differences between the object-oriented and structured designs. Which of the designs makes more sense to you? Why? _______________________________________________________________________

Java Applet that displays the 13 standard colors

Write an Java Applet that displays the 13 standard colors available in Java (back, blue, cyan, darkGray, gray, green, lightGray, magenta, orange, pink, red, white and yellow) in a set of 13 filled rectangles.

Java Programming to create an inventory

Choose a product that lends itself to an inventory (for example, products at your workplace, office supplies, music CDs, DVD movies, or software). ? I need to create a product class that holds the item number, the name of the product, the number of units in stock, and the price of each unit. ?I need to create a Java ap

Java Tokenizer

Convert the program attached to this text to allow the program to print out each word of the input sentence to a separate line of a file called words.txt. After this, create another program that could be used to take the words in words.txt and recreate the original sentence - this time printing the result to the screen. Please

Java Address Program with 3 Classes

Implement a class called ShortAddress that has the following attributes: firstName, secondName, and phoneNumber. Then implement a class called FullAddress that inherits the above attributes while adding the attributes (int) houseNumber (simply 1, 2, ... etc. - i.e. no 1a or 3b's allowed), street1Name, street2Name and cityNam

Java program that computes annual road tax

Write a program that computes the annual road tax (vehicle excise duty) charges for three types of vehicles: vans, cars and motorcycles. The road tax rate is calculated as follows for each type of vehicle: Vans Light goods vehicles weighing less than 3500kg are charged at 165 GBP (British Pounds); otherwise they are cha

Edit Java program for input of numbers only..

Edit Java program for input of numbers only. If the user inputs a letter the program must abort with a messegae like "Program aborted by user". Please explain the code. import java.util.*; public class NumberMonth { public static void main(String args[]) { Scanner input = new Scanner(; wh

Write a code in Java that continuously outputs random numbers

Write a code in Java that continuously outputs random numbers between 0 and 10000 until a number which is divisible by 5 is encountered. The user should be prompted for the next random search or have the option to quit the program. The code you write should be well commented. It will influence your rating! The program should con

Java Program, which determines the distance travelled by a projectile

Write a Program in Java, which determines the distance travelled by a projectile (launched from the ground) given: 1. The velocity at launch (u), and 2.The launch angle (angle of elevation) above the horizontal (A). The program should consist of two files: and (application). Assume the

Java Programming: Simple class hierarchies

I need help to implent implement the four classes: class DataItem; partially implemented abstract base class of hierarchy; defines data members for common data elements; provides common functionality; class PictureDataItem; concrete class for Image based data items; class SoundDataItem; concrete class for Sound based data

Change code in Java program so that input of floating point values is possible

Change code in Java program so that input of floating point values is possible. /* Java program which outputs the average speed of an *object given the distance and time travelled * (speed = distance/time). */ // Java extension packages import java.util.*; // import class import*; // import class public

Run Java program from command line

The attached programs should run from the command line. What are the necessary changes? Please apply and comment the changes and attach the changed files.

Write a Java class that contains 4 instance methods

Write a Java class that contains 4 instance methods that output information related to your education background, work experience, hobbies and skills. This is meant to represent your Curriculum Vitae. The use of other methods to show any additional information related to your CV (such as affiliation to professional bodies/orga

Difference between object-oriented programming and procedural

Describe the difference between object-oriented programming and procedural (or structural or processual) programming. What, if anything, does the OO model bring to the table and improve upon what was out there pre-OO? How does Java endeavor to represent the OO paradigm? Is OO programming a step forward or a step back in your

Identify a Programming Language

Use Cybrary to research at least one programming language and its characteristics. Find out if it is procedural, object-oriented, or a hybrid. Discuss if you would consider using if you were on a development team, and why.

Compare the Java and .NET programming languages

The future of software development is now expected to be a near 50-50 split between Java and .Net. When making a decision on which technology to bank on, you should really research what types of companies use which technology, and which fits into your career aspirations. Java and .Net overlap in a lot of markets and inevitably e

What is SQL, differences in SQL implementations?

What is SQL? Who owns SQL? What are some of the differences in the SQL supported by RDBMS vendors? I need to really understand these topics, so easy to read in depth explanations would be great. Thank you.