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    JAVA "Date exception"

    Now, let me introduce the exercise first. Textbook has given a .java file named "date.java", but it is not perfect; What I have done is the "ExtendedDate.java", which improved the "data.java" that the program will firstly check if the date input from users is valid then store it with the setDate method. Additionally, the "Exte

    Simple Java Payroll Code

    Write a simple Java payroll code. It needs to ask for the employee name, hours worked, and hourly rate. Then multiply the hours worked by the hourly rate, and disply the employee name and earnings. It should be used just for simple payroll calculation for a small business of only 5 employees.

    Mortgage Calculator Program

    Remove drop down box and the user's selection from a menu of available mortgage loans: - 7 years at 5.35% - 15 years at 5.5% - 30 years at 5.75% Have it only calculate and display the mortgage payment amount from user input of the amount of the mortgage, the term of the mortgage, and the interest rate of the mortgage. Al

    Java Program to Monitor User's Clicks

    Create a click tracker program as shown in the examples below. Basic capability: Write a complete program that monitors a user's clicks on a grid of nine buttons. When a button is clicked, change its label to "Clicked!".

    Java: Mortgage Payments and Loans

    Write the program in Java (without a graphical user interface) and have it calculate the payment amount for 3 mortgage loans: - 7 year at 5.35% - 15 year at 5.5% - 30 year at 5.75% Use an array for the different loans. Display the mortgage payment amount for each loan.

    Java Arrays Implementation Array

    What is the concern about how Java implements arrays? What is the starting index of Java arrays? What is the data type of the arrays? What is the importance and use of the keyword "new" when associated with a Java array?


    Please see the attachment.

    Database serach using Java

    Recently, customer service representatives at your company have been complaining that retrieving a customer record takes too long. The database was developed in house, and the amount of data has grown tremendously over the years. However, management does not want to use a commercial database because they believe the software an

    Question about Java program

    Create a class named Date that stores date values and prints out the date in either a pure numeric format or a name and number format.

    The NewtonsSquareRoot Class

    The NewtonsSquareRoot Class Objectives ? Writing a class using conditionals that test double values ? Writing a class using a while loop The project directory should include the following: ? NewtonsSquareRoot.java ? NewtonsSquareRootTest.java Details To approximate the square root of a positive number n using Newton

    Java mortgage calculator (no GUI)

    Write the program in Java (without a graphical user interface) using a loan amount of $200,000 with an interest rate of 5.75% and a 30 year term. Display the mortgage payment amount and then list the loan balance and interest paid for each payment over the term of the loan. If the list would scroll off the screen, use loops to d

    A combination lock has a dial with 26 positions labeled A-Z

    Please see the attached file. Objectives ? Group statements into blocks ? Compare integers, doubles, strings, and objects ? Program conditions using Boolean operators and variables The work should include the following: ? CombinationLock.java ? CombinationLockTest.java Details Implement a combination lock cla

    Java program to simulate die rols

    A complete program that simulates the rolling of two dice. More specifically, it simulates a user-specified number of rolls and then prints a histogram of the number of rolls for each possible pair value

    Java class creates an array of integers

    Java Programming - Array Sort Description Write a Java class that creates an array of integers, fills it with values, prints the unsorted values, sorts the values into ascending order, and finally prints the sorted values. Write a class named ArraySort that has no instance variables, and the following public static method

    Programming - Cat.java Class File

    I need some help with writing this program. In the attached document are all the instructions also a sample of the program to be edited. Hopefully that helps, I'm just at the point to where I'm not understanding. Thanks in advance.

    Reading and writing matrices in Java

    My assignment is to test which algorithm is more efficient in transposing a matrix: a Naive or Fast Sparse algorithm. I need to construct functions for reach algorithm that call from an input file, which is a sparse Matrix. A text file called M5x5.mat looks like this. 5 5 11 0 3 297 1 0 230 1 4 291 2 0 390

    Java Method for Converting Grades

    If the user enters 'numbers': Get input for the grade number in decimal format. i.e. 74.22645 (enter it with 5 decimal places) Utilize the Math class and round the number to zero decimal places, then use the int cast method to convert to an integer. Utilize a switch statement to determine the corresponding letter grade. Out

    Drawing Application: Java GUI

    I need some help with the following question: Design a drawing application (have a look at Microsoft Paint application on your Windows system). The application must have menus, and must be able to draw one or more sharps (e. g. point, line, rectangle, oval, etc). The application should use GUI components.

    Java - program structure function

    Find a Java application on the Web and describe how the program structure functions. Describe the application in as much detail as possible. What functionality does the application have that you have learned about in this class? How could you improve upon it?

    Interactive Web Page: Swapping Textboxes

    Write an interactive Web page named swap.html that contains two text boxes and a button. When the user clicks the button, the contents of the two text boxes should be swapped. The text boxes should appear on the same line, centered in the page, and the button should be centered below. Appropriate labels should accompany all elem

    Definition of a class named Doctor

    Give the definition of a class named Doctor whose objects are records for a clinic's doctors. This class will be a derived class of the class SalariedEmployee given in Display 7.5. A Doctor record has the doctor's specialty (such as "Pediatrician", "Obstetrician", "General Practitioner", and so forth; so use the type String), an

    Program to Calculate Diver Scores

    In the sport of diving, seven judges award a score between 0 and 10, where each score may be a floating point value. The highest and lowest scores are thrown out and the remaining scores are added together. The sum is then multiplied by the degree of difficulty for that dive. The degree of difficulty ranges from 1.2 to 3.8 point

    Distance Conversion Program: Java Application

    Write and run a Java program that, given a distance in metres, outputs that distance in kilometres rounded to the nearest whole kilometre. For example, given 1100m the output will be 1km, and given 1900m the output will be 2km.

    Methods with Multiple Parameters in Java

    Explain how methods with multiple parameters are declared. Describe two examples of Java-based applications that might use methods that have two or more parameters. Provide detail about where those applications would be used.

    HotDogStand Class

    You operate several hot dog stands distributed throughout town. Define a class named HotDogStand that has a member variable for the hot dog stand's ID number and a member variable for how many hot dogs the stand has sold that day. Create a constructor that allows a user of the class to initialize both values. Also create a me

    Java Inventory Display Program

    Please assist with the following: - Choose a product that lends itself to an inventory (for example, products at your workplace, office supplies, music CDs, DVD movies, or software). - Create a product class that holds the item number, the name of the product, the number of units in stock, and the price of each unit. - Cre

    Counting Programs in Java

    Define a class called Counter whose objects count things. An object of this class records a count that is a nonnegative integer. Include methods to set the counter to 0, to increase the count by 1, and to decrease the count by 1. Be sure that no method allows the value of the counter to become negative. Include an accessor metho

    Writing Various Programs in Java

    A tech support queue consists of n number of positions and the current position that the tech support individual is working with. If there are no customers that need assistance, the tech support person will go on break for x number of seconds (representing minutes). Also if a customer enters the support queue but the queue alrea

    Exception Handling in Java

    Exception Handling in Java is a very powerful capability. Exception Handling allows us to check input, verify if files exist, percent division by zero, prevent array out of bounds, and a whole host of other things. What are some of the more popular exception handling uses? Visit: http://java.sun.com/docs/books/tutorial/essential