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Java applet using JFrame SWING

See attached

Activities Listing

Get information about cruises.

Make reservations for dinning.

Make reservations for golfing.

Reserve the Club House.

I am trying a SWING GUI program (probably using border layout North, South, East, West) to make this applet.
Each button under Yes or No, when clicked, would respond with a corresponding statement printed in the South border to say:

If Yes is clicked: "Cruise information is being sent."
No clicked: "Cruise information ignored."

If Yes is clicked: "Dining reservations are on the way."
No clicked: "No dining reservations made."

If Yes is clicked: "Information for golfing is on the way to your room."
No clicked: "Golfing not included."

Club House:
If Yes is clicked: "Club House information is on the way."
No clicked: "Club House information not wanted."

The colors can just be black and white, I am having trouble with the buttons getting into the east and west area with the listeners printing out the corresponding statement in the South.


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A java applet using JFrame SWING is used to determine more information.