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    "What major features should a perfect programming language include?"

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    Need help with Programming question.

    "What major features should a perfect programming language include?" Submit your written answer of 500 to 750 words.

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    Firstly, a perfect programming language should be modular. As all real world problems are very complicated (more than just printing the first 10 natural numbers), a programming language should be able to work in tandem with the programmers tendency to break up a very large problem into smaller, manageable blocks which can then be connected or interlinked together to fit into the bigger picture. C provides functions, Java provides methods, and many other languages have similar built in block structures. The main program connects all these blocks into one piece by giving calls to them in sequence, as intended, and passing relevant global parameters to them to be processed. In this way, many members of the project team can work simultaneously on different parts of the project, which can help ...

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    The solution discusses the major features that a perfect programming language should include.