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    problem using recursion

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    Please provide a little guidance on how to solve the following problem using recursion. I can understand solving it using iteration .. but not recursion.

    Design a game called Jump it.
    It consists of a board of n integers rows. All containing positive integers except the first one always containing 0.

    The object is to move from the first to the last column. With each jump the interger in the column is added to a sum. The goal is to move to the last column having the lowest sum.
    Moves consist of either moving to the adjacent column or skipping 2 cols and jumping to the next one.

    The board consists of an array.

    0 - 3 - 80 - 6 - 57 - 10 ===> 3+6+10=19
    0 - 3 - 5 - 4 - 1 - 10 ====> 5+1+10 =16.

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    We define the recursion function JUMP (A), where A is the input array, as follows:

    Let A has n element
    int JUMP(A) {
    if (A is empty)
    return 0;

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    A problem using recursion is shown.