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2d Amortization Program That Hesitate In Gui

Amortization Program

I have 3 written programs that I want to take a little from each and add a twist
Project should not take more than few hours.
Please comment thoughly so I can follow what you have done

Attached are 3 programs
I want a certain function from each program
The console program Display Program Message
And Program Formula I would rather use
And Hesitate for 20 seconds before out put
(I want this added Into Gui)

Program File 2

I want the text Area width to stay the same
But just above the text area I want
3 up raised button to displays " # of Payments " , " Interest Paid" , " Balance"
Align and Center Columns In text Area
I want Drop Down Botton instead of Radio Button In Gui That Will Display As Displayed in Program 2(file)
7yrs @5.35
15yrs @5.50
3yrs @ 5.75
In text Area Once User Has Input Loan Amount I want
Program To Display 36 Payment at a time , hesitate for 20 seconds
Then display next 36 payment in year with interest
Add Pale blue Color To Text Area back ground if possible

Allow User To Input Loan Amount of Chose to Left
As Displayed To Calculate Formulas Above

From Program File #3 I want Program Formatted
Please make sure all bottons have back ground color other than default as in file #2
I would Like Format To Have over all 2D effect for panel background.

PLEASE ADD Clock in inittial Panel ( code is below
// add code that creates and starts the Timer object here
timer = new Timer(1000, this);


public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e){
Object source = e.getSource();
if (source == timer){
Date t = new Date();
DateFormat df = DateFormat.getTimeInstance(DateFormat.MEDIUM);
String time = df.format(t);

I need program written by 10 am CST
Please send source code and class file

THANKS Rajender
Rajender I have extended deadline for 12 hours. The program must be perfect without any compile errors . Please meet deadline. Program Must Be Perfect I Am Using In Presentation at noon tommorrow!!

For the most part the program are written I am aware I have requestd some really unique prompts and have full confidence you can but deadline has to be met by 10am .

Please let me know if you can e-mail me directly if you chose wbriagar@hotmail.com