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Determine travelled distance by a projectile using Java

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Write a Program in Java, which determines the distance travelled by a projectile (launched from the ground) given:

1. The velocity at launch (u), and

2.The launch angle (angle of elevation) above the horizontal (A).

The program should consist of two files: Launch.java and LaunchApp.java (application).

Assume the following:

1. The angle of elevation is given in degrees and is in the range of 0 to 90.

2. Start velocity is given as a positive number.

3. Gravity (g) is equivalent to 10m/s ^ 2.

4. Ignore air resistance.

Note also that to solve the above we must carry out the following steps:

1. Calculate the vertical and horizontal components of u (the launch velocity) using the following trigonometric identities:

Vertical component of launch velocity (Vu) = u x sinA
Horizontal component of launch velocity (Hu) = u x cosA

2. Calculate the time (t) taken for the body to return to the ground using the identity:

t = (2 x Vu) / a

where a (deceleration due to gravity) is equivalent to g (10m/s ^ 2 in this case).

3. Calculate distance (s) travelled from the identity:

s = Hu x t


A body is projected with a velocity of u = 200 m/s at an angle of elevation A = 30 degrees above the horizontal. Determine the distance travelled by the projectile.

Vu = 200 x sin30 = 100 (m/s)
Hu = 200 x cos30 = 173.2 (m/s)
t = {2 x 100) / 10 = 20 (s)
s = 20 x 173.2051 = 3464.1 (m)

Remember to write the source code for each class in a separate file which must have the same name as the class name together with the extension .java. Remember also that by convention, class names commence with a capital letter.

You should provide a well-structured solution that is easy to read. You should use meaningful identifier names and should provide useful comments.

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