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    Motivation in Organizations

    Incentive Plans

    Select three different incentive plans, (you may select individual plans, group plans, or a combination ), list the pros and cons for each plan. For a postition in Accounting, which of these three plans would be most appropriate? Explain.

    Sex differences in career motivation?

    After reading the Fast Company article "Where are the Women?", engage in this discussion about whether men and women are motivated by different things and/or define career success differently. What are your thoughts? What are your experiences and observations?

    Incentive Plan: Motivating and Retaining Cashiers

    StopNShopNow, Inc. has had difficulty motivating and retaining key cashiers and wants to provide an incentive to them that will generate improvement in several critical areas of store cashier performance, which include the following: 1. Increase total sales revenue 2. Reduce inventory losses and theft 3. Improve overall c

    Team Motivation - Emotional Intelligence

    You're on your way to motivating your team from a group perspective, but you're still having trouble connecting with your team as individuals. Your mentor reminds you of the concept of emotional intelligence and how it can enhance your leadership capabilities. So, as a first step, use the AIU Library to research emotional intell

    Job Evaluation and Incentive Strategy

    Use one of the job evaluation methods to establish the relative worth of the following hospital jobs: FLOOR FINISHER: Operates 19-inch, floor scrubbing machine. Uses various chemicals to remove old finishes from floors and cleans carpets. Uses mops and buckets to clean up residue from floor stripping and applies new finishes.

    How to motive for employees with non-monetary items

    Assist in finding the APA source for these two statements. I have attempted to find the sources but can' locate. Can you please reply with the sources in APA format including the web site need as soon as possible. 1. Motivation is an act of giving an employee a cause or reason to do something. 2. Motivation is usually co

    Motivation Break Down

    Please explain best practices in motivation and performance systems on motivation and performance of employees. Please break it down for me to understand and explain at a business briefing. I wish to use some of the info as a power point but need to be able to break it down to understand it from the beginning to the end as of me


    You are responsible for supervising one clerical assistant. You know that a large amount of work is going to be assigned to this person in the very near future and that it will be necessary to keep motivation high to meet deadlines. You do not have resources available for any extra monetary rewards. Post on the discussion board

    Translateing stress in the workforce into a positive and motivating experience

    You have been hired as the department manager for Customer Service for the Superior Widget Corporation (SWC). SWC is a young organization (two years old), and is experiencing rapid growth pains. The CEO has determined that the Sales department, which had been responsible for sales and customer service, is heavily sales oriented

    Strength and weaknesses of various theories of motivation

    Please examine various common theories on motivation, explain them and if possible point out strengths and weakness. Which method would be the best for the Manager of Training and Development? This person in this role is trying to motivate their team of trainers and the potential and existing managers who will be participati

    Team Motivation

    Grazier has identified six key ingredients that must be present to create highly motivated teams. Read his article entitled Team Motivation. Response addressing the following issues: 1. Select two principles found in the Grazier article, and discuss whether or not they were employed by Tylenol, when this criss occurred. T


    What is gainsharing and is it feasible. What can be done to increase the success of gainsharing? What negative effectives are likely to result from the successful implementation of a gainsharing plan.?

    Proposal/Incentive Plan

    Scenario: You are the Director of Compensation and Benefits for Lansing-Smith Corporation, a 6-month old sales and service organization that currently has a workforce of 150 employees. You recently joined the organization when the Vice President of Operations decided to move the Compensation and Benefits function out of the Acc

    Sales Manager at NL&C Motivation Plan

    The Sales Manager at NL&C has come to see you, to discuss lagging performance amongst her sales team. The manager has set goals for them, but many are not achieving the targets. She feels the base salary she is offering the sales staff is not motivating them to perform. She asks for your advice and assistance. After reviewing

    Motivation & Reward

    In your current job or at school, what motivates you to do well? On the discussion board, identify 2-3 extrinsic rewards that positively impact you and keep you focused on what you need to accomplish. Next, identify 2-3 intrinsic rewards that also positively impact you. Now, consider the current reward system in your organiz

    PiggyBank's incentive plan

    PiggyBank has narrowed its options down to two incentive plans: A. cash back when the consumer makes an online purchase; and B. cash back when the consumer makes a purchase at a clothing store. The bank doesn't know whether consumers would shop online more than at clothing stores. Information Experts has placed you in a group

    Employees motivation to reduce the turnover rate

    This is a problem in sales clerk turnover in corporate-owned stores. Last year we brought in a consultant to assist with the same problem. At that time, turnover was identified as being caused by a compensation problem for this position. Specifically, sales clerks were underpaid when compared to similar positions in each of


    Compare group and individual incentive plans by listing the pros and cons of each. For a supervisor position, would individual or group incentives be more appropriate? Explain your answer.

    Incentive Compensenation Programs

    Please see the attached and then help me answer the following questions: 1) What are the different incentive compensation plan options covered in the case? 2) What problems does each plan solve? 3) How might the EVA system influence the willingness of managers to accept job trans-fers across divisions at Duckworth Indus

    Team Motivation

    More and more firms are relying on teams to help fulfill their mission and goals. While workers in this country have historically been socialized to perform their tasks individually, the team concept today is readily embraced by millions of employees. Most managers realize that workers bring their own individual levels of motiva