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Non-monetary motivation for employees

Assist in finding the APA source for these two statements. I have attempted to find the sources but can' locate. Can you please reply with the sources in APA format including the web site need as soon as possible.

1. Motivation is an act of giving an employee a cause or reason to do something.

2. Motivation is usually conditioned to satisfy the employee's needs

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I believe I've found exactly what you are looking for in a great article entitled "The Real
Reason Employees Work 36 Proven Ways to Motivate - Part II".

Written by Arnold Sanow, the article suggests that while money is important to employees, what tends to motivate them to perform at high levels is the thoughtful, personal kind of recognition that ...

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In a great article, the author lists 36 ways to motivate employees to better perform by giving them a reason and providing a satisfaction that meets the employee's needs.