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Employees motivation to reduce the turnover rate

This is a problem in sales clerk turnover in corporate-owned stores.

Last year we brought in a consultant to assist with the same problem. At that time, turnover was identified as being caused by a compensation problem for this position. Specifically, sales clerks were underpaid when compared to similar positions in each of the company's markets. However, even though compensation was brought in line at that time, the turnover problem has not changed in the past year.

We would like to reduce turnover in this position due to the high cost of replacing an already experienced employee. At first they again considered pay for the position, but their own internal compensation manager confirmed that their pay was at the average?or above average?for jobs in their industry and location.

Your task is twofold:

First, using the attached form to suggest changes in the job. This form is used by my organization to detail a current job and compare it against changes recommended for the same job in the future. You should consider ways to motivate employees (and therefore retain them) though changes in job design. These changes should focus on the principles of job enrichment and "vertically loading" the job.

Second, identify other non-compensation factors that the organization might consider that would benefit all management positions. For example, if a company does not have a monthly newsletter, then it may it may be beneficial to create one to help employees increase their feelings of participation in the workplace. Think as broadly as possible when trying to come up with ideas on how to motivate your employees without using changes in compensation. Submit a 1 to 2 page summary of additional suggestions.

Recognize human motivation factors and their uses in an organizational context
Develop plans for process improvements and job enrichment
Use effective communication techniques.
Apply critical thinking skills to analyze business situations.

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Location: Corporate Owned Stores
Job title: Sales Clerk
Current Job Description:

This is an entry-level hourly position that handles the following tasks:
- Compute charges for merchandise or services and receive payments.
- Prepare merchandise for display or for purchase.
- Recommend and provide advice on a wide variety of products and services.
- Answer telephones to provide information and receive orders.
- Greet customers and discuss the type, quality, and quantity of merchandise sought for purchase.
- Keep records of transactions and of the number of customers entering an establishment.
- Explain company fees, policies, and procedures.
Future Job Description / Recommended Changes:
- Counter managers who is responsible for computing charges for merchandise or services and receiving payments.
- Be a store designer who is responsible for preparing merchandise for display or for purchase.
- Be customers support who will nswer telephones to provide information and receive orders.
- Act as a personal consultant for customers regarding the type, quality, and quantity of merchandise and service sought for purchase as well as explaining company fees, policies, and procedures.
- Be a store statistician who has the ...

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