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'It's easy to reduce turnover, just pay people more money'.

'It's easy to reduce turnover, just pay people more money'. Respond to the following:

Formulate an argument for or against this statement. Write about the type of employee turnover and how organization staffing could overcome the turnover issue.

APA style format, references.

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For many employees, pay is not the only issue in their work lives. Following are examples of situations where more money may not solve the problem of turnover:

1. Employee is expected to travel out of town 4 days out of every work week.
2. Employee is expected to work 60 to 70 hours a week to handle the work load.
3. The company has no health care plan for employees.
4. Employees are treated disrespectfully and never complimented or evaluated.
5. Workplace conditions include sexual harassment or various types of discrimination.

According to one article cited below, employee turnover can be minimized by mentoring employees ...

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The 365 word cited solution give examples of situations where pay is not the only criteria for employment.