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Managing Teams

Managing Conflict - Affective and Cognitive

1: How does affective conflict arise within teams? 2: How does cognitive conflict arise within teams? 3: How can affective conflict be managed within teams? 4: How can cognitive conflict be managed within teams? Each of these research questions will be approached through the filters of action research, which are: (a)

Applying strategies to manage team conflict

Case Study Life is never boring at NASA, but you and your team are really in the hot seat today. You're in charge of an exciting project: a mission to deliver some of the last large pieces of the International Space Station to the crew constructing it. You're supposed to launch tomorrow and you're in the middle of countdown, bu

Triple Constraints in Project Management

Select a project with which you have been involved. If you have no experience working on a project, select any project on which you can conduct research. How were triple constraint (time, cost, and performance) priorities defined for the project? Were priorities communicated clearly? If so, how were they communicated to the proj

Project Manager and Project Control

Q1. How does a project manager act like a politician? What are some of the conflicts that may occur between parties that have various interests in the project you manage? Provide an example in which you managed a project where you had to use an array of influencing strategies to ensure that your project was completed in a timely

Large Teams versus Small Teams

How do large teams and small teams differ? How do teams interact on large and small projects? Should the project manager be an expert in the project's subject area?

Managing Geographically Dispersed Teams

More and more often, project teams are geographically dispersed. Geographically dispersed projects are referred to as virtual projects. As project manager of a virtual project, what are some of the communication issues that might arise? What are some ways to transmit information between team members? Are there different ways dep

Team Management Situations

Due to cutbacks at the company you work for, the division you manage recently merged with another division to minimize costs. Your division works in teams the majority of the time, and due to the merger, new members have been added to each team. One of your team members comes to you upset about the merger. She feels as though ot

Organizational Behavior - Team Approach

Name a company that successfully uses teamwork and empowerment. What has that company done that makes it so successful in this regard? Has its team approach made a difference in its performance? How? In the discussion forum, post a review of the outcomes from your study and your opinion of the study, outcomes, and perceptions i

Organizational Behavior and Teamwork

You are in charge of managing a global virtual team that develops a high technology product. Your company is headquartered in Northern California, where the R&D is also located. But team members are all over the world, in China, in India, in France, in Ireland, in Mexico, and in Brazil. The team is made up of top professionals i

Projects and Project Management

1. What are some of the characteristics that differentiate projects from other functions carried out in the daily operations of an organization? List some examples of work considered to be a project and work not considered to be a project. 2. Why is the traditional project management approach less effective when project scope

Describe and Summarize Various Types of Teams

Describe and summarize various types of teams. What strategies can a team leader use to increase commitment of team members? how does a team leader know if members are motivated and commited to the group?

What are some reasons global teams fail?

1. What are some reasons global teams fail? How might team members overcome communication barriers? Explain your answers. 2. What are some best practices for functioning in a global environment? Be specific. 3. How might a transnational organization's tactics be best aligned with its strategy? What happens when tactics are

Strategic Business

The Bathtub Period The award of the Scott contract on January 3, 1987, left Park Industries elated. The Scott Project, if managed correctly, offered tremendous opportunities for follow-on work over the next several years. Park's management considered the Scott Project as strategic in nature. The Scott Project was a ten-mon

Organizational Structures: Manageable Groups

See the attachment. This needs to be cleaned up a bit, especially the Matrix, as per the instructor: "No. This isn't consistent with either the PMBOK or Kerzner (2006)." The below-referenced is a section in my main essay that I am currently writing, could you please revise the Matrix portion right away. This posting takes prior

Types of Risk: Risks Inherent in a Project

Could you please go more in-depth or elaborate in greater detail on the below questions you answered last week? What types of risks are inherent in a project? Where do they originate? Can they be mitigated? Explain how. What are the consequences of ignoring a conflict within a project team? There are 3 types of risk: 1) In

Project management team development techniques

I need some guidance in team development techniques: -Identify how project team members are selected. -Identify team-building strategies. -Identify potential areas of conflict within a diverse project team. -Identify techniques for reducing the probability of dysfunctional conflict. -Identify conflict resolution tech

Develop an American and Japanese Employee Motivation Plan

The firm's newest large outlet in Japan is located in Tokyo, Japan. Although the store has enormous potential, the salespeople (comprised of both Americans and Japanese) are not working together well and the negative attitudes of some team members are bringing others down and hindering team performance. Develop an employee motiv

Change Analysis in an Organisation

Find a change situation within your own organization (where you work now or where you worked in the past) to analyze. The following format should be used: 1. Introduction a. Briefly explain the strategic change initiative b. Briefly explain the importance of the Images or Vision concepts and its application to a strategi

Cost-Effective Methods of Production

Assume you are a Manufacturing Manager who is responsible for leading a global cross functional team. The team has been tasked with developing a more cost effective way of producing your specialty motorcycle known as the 'Hot Rod' without sacrificing product quality. Your team's job is to figure out the best new processes and te