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    Project Management and Project Scheduling

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    Topic: Project team experience and project scheduling
    Use any experience can be from a current or past position that you know of.

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    In business, the need for projects in being managed effectively is a technique called project management. Protocols are utilized to oversee teams and schedules. The business initiative is planning and organizing resources by a project manager, following the parameters of the project scope. Within the realm of project management discipline, securing the right project teams are imperative for successful delivery in the tasks delivery. Project managers are key to motivating the project teams by leading effectively through a communication model plan that offers a follow up to expectations on each team member deliverables. Thus, the project teams are cooperative group of individuals with assigned tasks and goals, mainly assigned by the individual skill set for proficiently using available resources.

    Let's take a look at a project team and how project schedules are utilized in a project scope objective, such as a mortgage company seeking to implement a new loan processing database.

    With such an example, the project manager is leading selected individuals on a project team for effectively creating the internal parts in the loan processing database (LPD). The selection of the project team is either internally or externally from an outside staffing company. The main objective is the skill set of the project team to be able to manage assigned tasks effectively and proficiently. Project teams are only successful when their skill sets are perfectly matched up to the identified needed tasks associated with the planned project scope objectives. In this case, the example relates to gathering financial data and information technology for successfully creating an internal database system. The project manager will select the individuals or outside vendors, depending on the budget, for assigning certain tasks to completing work packages on time.

    The assigned functions and activities are imperative for each project team member in fully understanding his/her role to how, when, and what ...

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