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    Project Management

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    1. Baweja (2006) presents CPM scheduling in the framework of the construction industry. Present how you would take the basic methodologies discussed and convert them for the management of a large software development project.

    2. Analyze the techniques discussed in the Guldemond et al. article (2008) and propose how you would apply them to your own skill set as a Project Manager.

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    // Projects are required to be managed and controlled from various aspects. In this regard, Scheduling is an important aspect of the project management. Techniques like critical path method (CPM) are used for effective scheduling. Before discussing on the projects we should first introduce the critical path method of scheduling like this: //

    Project Management has different tools in its basket to manage the different aspects of the project effectively. Scheduling and managing the project is not a simple task and thus critical path method holds an important place in the project management. It is an important tool that is widely used in scheduling of the projects. Critical path method shows the most optimal and shortest path that can be used to complete the project. Different projects, whether of construction or of large software development can be managed effectively by the CPM scheduling.

    //As we have discussed about the CPM and scheduling, we will now present some of the ways of handling the construction project with the use of the critical path method and align its use in the large software development projects://

    Each project requires timely scheduling and managing of the activities and process. Like construction projects, large software development projects are also complex in nature and require a lot of time and efforts to complete. Critical path method should be used for handling the schedule of the projects. Each project has different tasks and activities that it needs to manage, but they still can follow some common techniques to effectively manage the activities of the project. ...

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    The response addresses the query posted in 1089 words