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Type V Personality

1. Please identify a minimum of three traits of The Type V Personality, and discuss how those traits have enabled you to successfully take on a leadership role. Additionally, given these traits, please discuss what value you would add to the business school community and your peers as a member of this incoming class.
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2. Please discuss how this degree will impact your short and long-term career plans.

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1) The three traits of Type V Personality are the ability to collaborate, integrity, and intellectual curiosity. These traits have enabled me to take up leadership role in my workplace. I have been selected as a leader for my work team. Even though there are more skilled people in the team, because of my ability to collaborate with other teams and management, I am always selected as a team leader. Integrity has also helped me assume a leadership role. Team members trust me, other teams trust me, and management also has confidence in me. I have been told by management, and sometimes other leaders, that they accept my word. Intellectual curiosity has helped me in my leadership role. I have often given a new direction to my team. When under pressure, I have used innovative methods to solve problems. This has supported my leadership role.

To the business school community, I will add value by collaborating with other students when projects ...

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