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    Managing Teams

    3M Optical Systems: Managing Corporate Entrepreneurship Case

    Case Study: "3M Optical Systems: Managing Corporate Entrepreneurship" The 3M Corporation is known for placing a strong emphasis on innovation. As described in this week's case study, 3M Optical Systems: Managing Corporate Entrepreneurship, the company's goal was to have had at least 30% of its available products developed

    Acting as a Team Manager

    Pretend that you are the team manager for a team of workers who have been given the task of making billing processes more efficient so that customers will pay on time. What kind of incentives could be appropriate if the team delivers on this task? What is the difference between merit based and profit sharing incentives?

    Technology in the PM Process and Best Practices

    Week 9 Discussion 1: "Technology in the PM Process" 1. From the e-Activity, determine what you believe to be the best use of technology in the performance management process. Support your claim with evidence. (Use the internet to research the uses of technology in the performance management process.) 2. Rate the importance of

    Staffing Management Plan

    What is the purpose of a staffing management plan? What factors must be considered when creating one? How should a staffing management plan be used in conjunction with a WBS and a project organization chart? How may staffing assignments based on a project organization chart affect team dynamics?

    Managing the Organization's Structure

    Explain the relationship between organizational structure and human behaviors. - What effects might an organizations structure have on its members? Describe the different types of organizational structures. Analyze how specific organizational designs can elicit predictable attitudes and motivations. - Analyze the beha

    Suggested Skills for Project Managers

    What are suggested skills for all project managers? Why it is important to assess the culture of an organization before deciding what project management structure should be used?

    Five organizational structures

    1. Compare and contrast each of the five organizational structures (functional, divisional, matrix, team-based, and virtual network). 2. If you were to choose one structure in which to work which would you choose and why? 3. Compare the organizational structures of Google and Wal-Mart. 4. Explain what types of control pro

    Execution stage of project management

    1. As the project manager whose project is now in the execution stage, briefly describe what will you be doing to monitor and control risks. Use examples from past or present work experience to illustrate how these activities were performed. 2. An important role of the project manager is to train the team to operate with the

    Ensuring Quality of Product as a Project Manager

    1. As the project manager, how would you handle the situation in which your boss has a predetermined idea about what the duration of your project should be? Include brief examples to illustrate your approach to this political aspect of project management. 2. Compare and contrast PERT estimating with three-point estimating.

    Group Team & Matrix Org

    1. How can a group of individuals be transform into a highly functioning team? 2. In a matrix organization... are there ever conflicts with the project manager and the functional manager (boss, supervisor, etc.) regarding priorities?

    Why Do Projects Fail? - Five Failure Modes To Assist With Explaining This Issue

    What are reasons that projects fail? Projects fail for so many reasons. Five of them will be covered in this post to assist you with understanding the reasons more completely. The reasons covered are: Inadequate Expectations and Requirements, Inefficient Governance/Change Management Process, Inadequate Resources (Human), Inadequ

    Building Collaborative Teams

    Please read the attachment and help me explain in a 4-5 pages in which you will answer the following questions: 1.Describe the four traits that the authors describe as crucial to teams but also undermine them. 2.The authors describe eight practices that appear to help teams overcome the difficulties that were posed by th

    Resource AllocationManaging and Balancing Resources

    Managing resources can be an interesting, and sometimes difficult, job. How have you managed resources on any of your projects? What do you find as the most difficult part? How have you learned to overcome these issues? If you haven't managed a project before, have you ever been a resource on a project? If so, what are some o

    Project Management in Franklin Equipment

    Franklin Equipment, Ltd. (FEL), with headquarters and main fabrication facilities in Saint John, New Brunswick, was founded 75 years ago to fabricate custom designed large machines for construction businesses in the Maritime Provinces. Over the years its product lines became strategically focused on creating rock crushing equ

    Project Manager Role in Team Meeting

    Explain how you as project manager would conduct your first team meeting. Address both the meeting's content, and the meeting's process in your discussion.

    Why Projects Fail

    Based upon the reading/attachment below on why projects fail, what could be done to prevent failures on future, related projects. Include at least five failure modes and recommendations on how to strengthen the project plans and project management activities. Try to relate your discussion to which step in the project management

    Risk Dimensions of a Project Team

    What are the three risk dimensions a project team needs to address when assessing for project uncertainties? What are possible sources that can affect project uncertainty?

    Project Manager Authority

    Discuss some of the steps that you as a project manager could take in order to establish your authority. Approach this as "troubleshooting before the fact" and give examples of how you might identify individuals who could be resistant to your authority. Include any experiences you have had when the authority of a project manager

    Managing Projects: A Team-Based Approach

    Minimum 300 words and please list references Note: Managing Projects: A Team-Based Approach by Karen Brown & Nancy Hyer (Textbook). (1).Compare and contrast the main approaches for developing a WBS. Which approach do you feel is most user-friendly? Explain your answer. (2). How can the critical path algorithm be used to

    A Team-Based Approach For Managing Projects

    Note: Managing Projects: A Team-Based Approach by Karen Brown & Nancy Hyer (Textbook). (1) How can uncertainties affect a project? What impact can an unfavorable uncertainty and a favorable uncertainty have on a project? Provide examples. (2). Explain why it is important to plan for uncertainties and how to implement a str

    Managing Team-Based Projects

    What are the three core attributes/capabilities a project manager needs in order to lead a successful team? What skills does a project manager need? Compare the elements involved in project implementation. What are the tools that are often used to speed up the project process when necessary?

    Teams and Team Captain

    Having a strong team structure is a critical aspect of coaching and one key ingredient is choosing the right team captains. Discuss some of the criteria the author recommends coaches consider when selecting captains and share how you do (or would) select captains for your team.

    Meeting Goals, Charts and Team Grouping

    Part 1: Use the attached organizational chart to create the following types of teams: -Intact work teams (by total function and for each unit within the function) -Cross Functional Teams that represent specific levels in the organization -Cross Functional Teams that contain all levels in the organization It may be easi

    Acquisition Authority Chain

    1. Explain both the military and civilian Acquisition Authority Chain. What role does the Undersecretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics fill? 2. Define Defense Acquisition Board and Integrated Product Team.

    Type V Personality

    1. Please identify a minimum of three traits of The Type V Personality, and discuss how those traits have enabled you to successfully take on a leadership role. Additionally, given these traits, please discuss what value you would add to the business school community and your peers as a member of this incoming class. (To learn