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    Managerial Turnover: A Problem?

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    Read the Applications problem, Managerial Turnover: A Problem?, found on page 731-732 in your textbook.

    Answer the questions that fall after the case description; these are the five questions found in the middle of page 732

    Each question should be numbered, answered separately, and be at least 200 words in length

    Heneman, H. G., Judge, T. A., & Kammeyer-Mueller, J. D. (2012). Staffing organizations (7th ed.). Middleton, WI: Mendota House

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    1. The loss of thirty managers of one hundred and twenty in one year is the cause for concern. This equates to a 25 percent turnover rate, which means for every four employees, one will leave. High turnover is detrimental to organizations for a variety of reasons. Every time someone leaves there is a need to replace that person. This means recruiting, interviewing, and staffing functions must be activated. There are costs associated with hiring new people, including training. There are also benefits to retaining current employees in terms of organizational knowledge and establishing an esprit de corps. In addition, it is more difficult to hire people when an organization has high turnover. Morale is typically worse, and job seekers may be aware of the turnover, and concerned over the reasons. The situation must be evaluated to determine the reason for the turnover. It should also be compared to the turnover rates in the health care laundry industry as well as the turnover rates for the geographic area. In reality, there is not a "right" number for the amount of personnel change that is acceptable. This is one of the reason companies perform exit interviews, to gather information from departing employees to improve the workplace and uncover issues.

    2. In order to learn more about managerial turnover, HealthCareLaunderCare (HCLC) must review the employment history of each of the managers who have left the company in the past year (and potentially further back, depending upon the findings). A spreadsheet could be developed, to include key information. I would look at where the manager was based, the unit manager, the site manager, and their length of employment. I would also include information regarding punitive action taken ...

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