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Understanding and Managing Conflit

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In the managing conflict in organizations, social conflict is informed by various disciplines, including philosophy, biological sciences, and sociology. The evolution of organizational conflict management from the classical view to the neo-classical view to the modern view. Understanding these theoretical perspectives helps us analyze conflicts within organizations so they are productive and healthy, rather than destructive and dysfunctional. Choose a non-profit organization and answer the following questions:

1. As you analyze the need for a conflict management system in this organization, apply the discipline (philosophy, biological sciences, or sociology) that best informs the organizational culture.

2. Which view of organizational conflict (classical, neo-classical, or modern) is most appropriate to analyze the organization's perspective of conflict?

3. Rahim, M. Afzalur. Managing conflict in organizations , describes the conflict management process (diagnose, intervention, process, and structural). Apply each step in this process to the non-profit organization you have chosen. Be specific and provide examples to support your response.

4. Explain the differences between interpersonal, intrapersonal, intergroup, and intragroup conflicts? How might supervisors diagnose these types of conflict among their subordinates? Discuss why being able to identify the type of conflict is important. What are the appropriate structural and process interventions for each type of conflict? Which type appears to be most destructive for that organization? Explain your answer and provide examples.

5. As a consultant/systems designer for this organization, explain how you will incorporate ethical considerations.

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I am part of a non-profit organization located on Okinawa, Japan. We are an athletic non-profit roller derby league called the Devil Dog Derby Dames. Our organization was founded in 2010 and has gone through many changes in that short time. I am the merchandise manager as well as the event manager for this organization, not to mention an active skater on one of the three teams. Holding positions in the league and being an active skater has allowed me to see the conflicts that arise from both points of view. There are many different types of conflict that we face on a regular basis. The need for a conflict management system is evident in our daily activities.

The discipline that best describes our organization is sociology. Sociology is the understanding of how the interactions we have with individuals on a regular basis helps to shape the person we are today, and the person that we will be in the future (American Sociological Association, n.d.). This organization is run by its skaters, for its skaters. We are all active duty military and military spouses stationed on the small island of Okinawa. We come from all walks of life, religions, life experiences, and morals. These differences in ourselves we bring to the table, and they affect how we interact with one another, and how people respond to us. We are always learning from each other, our coaches, and those around us. Through our interactions we strive to build a relationship with our community by doing community service in both the military community and within the community of our ...

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Conflict is inevitable in life and business. The ability to evaluate the conflict in an organization is essential to the success of the company. By addressing organization conflict and having a conflict management system in place will ensure that situations are resolved quickly and that productivity is not affected.

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