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    Risk Dimensions of a Project Team

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    What are the three risk dimensions a project team needs to address when assessing for project uncertainties? What are possible sources that can affect project uncertainty?

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    Project Uncertainties
    In all kinds of projects, whether it is for business or any other perspective, some risks are involved that mean that there is always at least certain level of uncertainty that can impact on the result of project in both positive and negative manner (Atkins & Simpson, 2008). Without considering the risk and uncertainty, project manager cannot control the whole activities of project effectively that may impact on the outcomes of project. In order to assess project uncertainties, three important risk dimensions are sensitivity, technical complexity and project duration and size.
    Sensitivity is a risk dimension, which comprises the sensitive issue related to culture, religion, differences in individual values and norms, differences in way of communication, etc. Apart from all these, ethics is also ...

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    Three risk dimensions for a project team needs to address when assessing for project uncertainties are determined. The possible sources that can affect project uncertainty is determined.